Best Lounge Chair for Sunbathing and Tanning 2020

As you already know that summer is on the corner and the sun is once again ready to spark the beautiful dazzling light onto us. But are we ready to accept it with open arms? Are you? Have you made all the necessary arrangements? Summer is all about fun, slow breeze blowing all day long and of course, the sunbathing too.

Sunbathing is a necessary in the areas where winter doesn’t seem to let go. So it is important that you get down to buying the stuff you need for a fine sunbathing experience. To make this experience more pleasant and charming, you need the most comfortable sunbathing chair.


List of Best Sunbathing and Tanning Chairs

There are a variety of chairs available on the market for a concise price and just so it happens some come with extraordinary features that you would simply love to have. We have produced for you a list of possible sunbathing and tanning chairs that you may want to look at if you are making up your mind for buying one. So, without further ado let’s get right into it;

1.  Best Choice Products Set of 2 Reclining Chairs

Best Choice Products Set of 2 Reclining Chairs

The best choice product refers to a set of two adjustable and zero gravity lounge chair recliners that can be kept at a pool, on the side of your patio, or taken to the beach for a great tanning and sunbathing experience. These chairs come with a smooth and lockable reclining system in which these automatically glides into an ergonomic and zero gravity position. Elastic cords can be manually removed which means that the chair can automatically adjust to your body weight.

Lightweight and portable design allows you to take it with you wherever you want, the folding capability of these chairs is simply amazing. A removable tray is also what users get with cup holders and a big cavity where you can keep your essentials, pretty great, right? UV resistant Textilene fabric and high quality frame material ensures the durability of this chair. Surprisingly enough the pair of sunbathing chairs also consist of the customizable headrest which means that you can manually adjust it to your favorite position and have a soothing experience.

  • Removable and adjustable headrest
  • UV resistant fabric for increased longevity
  • A portable and convenient set of reclining chairs
  • Might come out as too expensive for some casual users


2.  Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair for Sunbathing

Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair for Sunbathing

When you have a tough day at work, then simply laying back at a zero gravity recliner chair and putting out all your weight against the back of the chair can feel mesmerizing. The Sunjoy zero gravity chair will awesomely cater to all of your specific needs regarding the comforting requirements like an absolute pro. It is a great chair to have even if you are sitting by the patio or by the pool, the angels it can bend to is simply breathtaking and very relaxing too.

The overall design of the chair is simply built by heavy-duty steel which can be folded up when you are done with using it. You can throw it at the back of your RV truck and get it going to where the party is. Changing the posture when basking your body in the sunlight is also extremely easy as you can shift to a zero-gravity recline from a straight upright position in no time. The water-resistant capability also makes it easier for the chair to remain clean at all times because the water will simply not be able to leave any marks or stains over the fabric. Thus, it is a great thing to have in your go-to beach set-up or places where water splashes are involved such as by the pool-side.

With this amazing chair for sunbathing, you don’t have to worry about the weather outside as you can simply rely on the UV resistant fabric which holds up pretty good despite the weather conditions outside. The headrest on this amazing chair is also adjustable which makes the whole setup a fun thing to roll around.

  • The lockable reclining mechanism for an abrupt shift in the back according to your posture
  • Easy to transport and extremely portable
  • Headrest customization guaranteed
  • No horizontal extension possible with this model
  • Recline locks are fragile


3.  Rio Portable Beach Sunbathing Chair

Rio Portable Beach Chair

When you are headed out to the beach for sunbathing, what are the things that you normally like to have with you? A food basket, lots of sun screen, and party essentials but do you ever keep track of the really important thing without which visiting the beach is no good? Yes, we are talking about the portable beach chair. There are multiple options out there for you to reach out to but Rio portable beach chair should be your ultimate choice.

This chair for sunbathing comes with a variety of different reclining positions set at different angles to support your back the best way you feel. You get unlimited reclining positions on this aluminum and lightweight build beach chair. The reclining lock that keeps your position intact is also kind of great, to begin with, it claps right away wherever you want to and remains there until it is not unclasped by the user. It can take on a pretty good amount of weight too. If you are a tanning and sunbathing lover then the complete lay-flat option is something to look out for while purchasing this chair.

A large storage pouch helps you to fill in with all your necessities whether it is food, tanning/sunbathing essentials or simply putting in the cup for a second of your most amazing drink. It comes in two different options which are either aluminum or rustproof steel making it lightweight and durable. The main beauty about this chair is its zebra strips that can be ordered or customized into different colors of your choice, a really vibrant thing to look out to when buying a beach chair.

  • Perfect for taking outdoors due to its portability
  • Rustproof steel increases longevity
  • An exciting variety of colors
  • Doesn’t offer a full back reclining position


4.  PORTAL Adjustable Reclining Lounger Beach Bed Cot

PORTAL Adjustable Reclining Lounger Beach Bed Cot

It is more of a cot then it is a reclining chair. The structure of this cot is made by sturdy aluminum seat posts and the steel leg posts that offer maximum weight lifting capability. The hollow design of the body provides more comfort while sunbathing. The ergonomic design of the cot allows the user to lay flat or simply bend the design in whatever position they deem fit. With a mixture of light and heavy elements, this is a great cot to have which will help you reduce the built-up muscle tension and body stress right away.

The leg poles on this thing are both rust and waterproof which ensures longevity and increased support over the years. As for the rest of the body it is finished with high-quality powder coating which will help the chair to endure environmental stress over the years. The legs on the cot can be folded right away which allows for harmonious and convenient shipping of the cot from one place to the other. It is a multi-purpose cot that can be used for a variety of purposes and at a variety of places. Take it with you over to the beach and enjoy sunbath, have a splash near the swimming pool, or simply lay it down near the patio on a sunny afternoon and enjoy yourself.

  • Foldable legs for easy portability
  • High-quality powder coating for rust and water resistance
  • Designed for comfort
  • Only a cot, can’t be turned into a reclining chair


5.  MacSports Sunbathing Chair

MacSports Chair

Now, this is something next level and is only intended for serious and sporty beach lovers. MacSports Sunbathing Chair has a 2 in 1 design as a pull cart wagon and as a reclining chair. It features a smooth grip, adjustable telescoping handle for easy transport, and flat-folding usability. It can easily be staked in your vehicle, garage, or closet.

This tanning chair features larger cargo space. Which can help you store your stuff  that you can stuff such as towels, other beach essentials while sunbathing. In addition to this, you can also store sporting goods if you are a diehard beach sportsman. The wide tread wheels offer a strong grip and easy maneuverability on the sand especially if you are using it as a cart on the beach. It doesn’t matter whether the surface is smooth, coarse, or filled with unbelievable patches you can easily take this beauty for a spin. The overall frame of this chair is powdered with the aluminum dust which makes it stronger and durable especially when exposed to extremely humid environments and keeps the rust away from it too.

  • 2 in 1 functionality as a pull cart wagon and a recliner chair
  • Aluminum dust coating for extreme durability
  • Wide tread wheels for easier transport
  • Dual functionality is not much wanted by most of the users


6.  Crestlive Chaise Lounge Chair

Crestlive Beach Chair

It is a great tanning chair to take with you on the beach for sunbathing or other intended uses such as placing it near the pool or over the patio then so be it, you will have a wonderful time with it. The chair is made of sturdy and hard aluminum frames that can accept a greater weight capacity, simply feel free to sit or lay down on this chair however you like.

This chaise Lounge chair for sunbathing comes hand in hand with a nice foldable table made of the same build as the recliner chair and can be folded right away for easy and convenient transportation. You can simply hop it into your car trunk and be done with it. The chair provides extra comfort to the back being a recliner which means that you can simply adjust the back of the chair in whatever position you deem fit and it would still be pretty comfortable and unique, to begin with.

  • Hard aluminum build
  • Extra comfortable and easily foldable build
  • Chair and table combined set
  • Reclining options are limited


7.  Goplus Zero Gravity Sunbathing Chair

Goplus Zero Gravity Chair

If you are looking for a zero-gravity option that is aligned with your needs and goals then this chair has to be the one. It is a zero gravity chair for sunbathing that also comes with a reclining lounge. This chair can probably help you with your lounging needs whether you want it indoors or outdoors. It is a folding chair with fine quality of spring work done on each bend. This chair can be folded to one-third of its total length.

Talking about the portability of this amazing chair; it has a minimal weight which makes it ideal for being transported to places. You can literally fold it into half and throw it out back into your RV or car trunk and get on with your journey. There is a small side table which comes with this chair as an added treat to place refreshments or your essentials such as a mobile phone or a book especially when you are basking your body in the sun sitting by a swimming pool or simply watching TV in your bedroom.

The small cup holder that comes fastened to this chair is also kind of amazing because you don’t have to worry about the eatables all the time when you are binging through your favorite entertainment.

Unlike most of the chairs for sunbathing out there, it comes with various accessories, to begin with, such as a head and lumber rest which can be fastened when needed and removed when not in the mood. Nothing about this chair is destined or permanent, you can simply devour through it the way you like and customize the build entirely. Talking about the frame material, the chair features a strong aluminum frame for the seat, legs, and arms. This is a classic variety of aluminum that is used here; it is rustproof, water-resistant, and highly durable in the afterglow.

  • Highly durable build
  • Additional accessories such as head and lumber rest and small accessory table
  • Portable and extremely lightweight
  • Can’t be used for lying flat
  • Rain can progressively damage the chair


8.  Kozyard Cozy Aluminum Tanning Chair

Kozyard Cozy Aluminum Tanning Chair

Well, as far as the design and build of this chair are involved it is not your casual take it to beach kind of chair. It is best to have it around the house, besides the pool or your patio, and simply enjoying the views while laying down on it to release your stress and built-up tension. The chair itself comes with five different adjustable back positions which makes it a unique thing to go with given the fact that you choose to tan or sunbathe various areas of your body.

It is made up of the aluminum build which makes it easier and more breathable given the strong and illustrious feel the frame caters to the chair. It is lightweight, can be easily folded into a small rectangle for you to take it away to beach and to enjoy sunbathing. Even being lightweight the chair provides amazing sturdy support which is simply amazing. The material that shapes the body or build of the chair is water and oil proof while making it very easy to clean it up whenever the need be.

  • Easy to carry by folding into a compact size
  • Light and sturdy at the same time
  • Easy to clean polished material
  • Not suitable for taking it to the beach


Factors to Consider Before Buying Sunbathing Chair

Sunbathing chair is one of the essential equipment that you carry along with you to the beach. But in no condition should it be bought blindly without first understanding the very factors for which you are making the purchase;

  • Portability

This is a crucial factor to consider because the beach is not going to be near your vicinity and you probably have to travel a little before you hit the sand. Think of the portability option with your current chair or the one you are going to buy. Can it be folded easily? Does it allow convenience in travels? Always buy a portable tanning chair.

  • Construction Quality

The construction or build quality is something else to consider, make sure that the frame material of chair you are going to buy is not made of some cheap remolded aluminum or steel. If it comes in pure aluminum frame then only accept those variants. Because these might be lightweight, easy to carry, and don’t forget to look out for getting water or rust-proof build too.

  • Adjustability

Think of all the reclining positions you can get with your new chair. The more the better, because you might not only be the one enjoying this luxurious chair and someone else might have a little different reclining need than yours, so go for the highest possible levels of adjustability for better sunbathing experience.


This is all you need to know before buying a sunbathing chair, don’t forget to take a great deal with the one you buy such as discounts or a little something as a separate tray for holding cups and essentials.