Best John Grisham Books of All Time – Best Seller

If you are a book lover and love reading thriller novels than John Grisham is the best writer for you. John Grisham, an American novelist, is considered one of the best writers of this generation. He gained attention and interest of millions of readers worldwide by his engaging writing skills. He is famous for his legal thrillers. Most of his novel are thrillers from start to end. So, reading these novels can be the best usage of your time. In addition to this, his books have been translated in 42 different languages and have sold millions of publications. He received a law degree in 1981 and practiced criminal laws for few years before jumping into writing profession. Books of John Grisham can be more interesting for someone who has a Law background.

In the beginning, his book was rejected by 28 publishers. But then it was published in 1989 which was a big success and life changer for him. He has written 40 novels and 4 short stories. All of them are well written and consider the best. We recommend you to read all books of John Grisham. As, you won’t regret it later. However, if you have not that much time. We have short listed a few books of John Grisham, which are worth reading.

Best Books of John Grisham

Following is the list of best seller books of John Grisham which are worth reading.

A Time to Kill


A Time to Kill ranks on the top of list when we are talking about Grisham’s Books. It was the first ever publication of Grisham, which made him change his carrier and goals. He got the inspiration from a case that he had to witness. Actually, the case was about 12-year-old girl who was raped and attacked. Grisham thought of the all possible outcomes and consequences that would have taken place. And started writing them in form of a story.

This novel is similar to the story of court. It is about a 10-year-old girl from Mississippi. Her life was ruined by two drunk men who had no regret about damage they had done. The father of girl, an African American, gets disturbed by the inhumane incident. He somehow acquires a gun and take law into his hands for the revenge of his beloved daughter. This novel pointed out some of the worse society problems likes rape, injustice and racism. The novel is good read for people of every age group. The plot twists and interesting characters will make to keep turning the pages. Moreover, you can improve your language skill through this novel.

Publication Date: 1989

No of Pages: 515

Rating: 4.1/5

The Firm


Even though, The Firm is not the first book of Graham still it helped him gain attention of millions of people across the globe. It is the longest ever book of John Grisham. It became the best seller when its 1.5 million copies were sold as of 1993. This fiction novels depicts how mafia and law firms work internally. Its major aim is to show the bitter realities of underworld along with the corruption in our major institutions.

This novel is about a fresh law student and his wife. The law firm provided him with 80 thousand dollars and a BMW in first year. Soon he gets suspicious and realizes that FBI needs him to make a deal with mafia. After taking the deal he came to know that his life was in danger. So, he has to save himself from the mafia. The story shows that how greed of man can lead him to undesirable consequences. The novel is full of surprises and plot twist. Which makes the reader to keep going through the story without any break.

Publication Date: 1 February 1991

No of Pages: 432

Rating: 4/5

The Partner


The Partner is considered the best novel because of its most mysterious and unexpected ending. The amazing execution of master plan will drag your interest. Although, the story includes a lot of court work still you will find yourself eagerly waiting for the ending.

The novel is about a lawyer who was spending a happy life with his family. But suddenly everything changed due to the car accident which burned him. His ashes were buried. After a few days of his death 90 million dollars were stolen from the company where he used to work. Within a few years he was found alive in Brazil. He just faked his death to steal that much amount of money. He was brought to his home but as a part of his master plan.

Publication Date: 1997

No of Pages: 412

Rating: 4.3/5

The Confession


The Confession is also one of the legal thriller novels of John Grisham. In this novel he has shown world the corrupt face of judiciary and politicians. Which makes difficult for innocent people to seek justice. This novel demands the answer of simple questions from the society. What happens to the guilty or defaulter if innocent is executed? What is the fault of innocent sitting behind the bars for a crime that he never did?

The story of novel revolves around the wrongful decision of a judge in murder case. An innocent local football player was arrested for the crime and sentenced to death. Only four days before the execution of innocent, the guilty came to know that he was suffering from brain tumor and cannot live longer. So, he decided to do a good deed before dying by saving the innocent footballer. However, after consulting different lawyers, he found it very difficult to prove the footballer innocent.

Publication Date: 2010

No of Pages: 418

Rating: 3.9/5

Sycamore Row


Sycamore Row is considered a continued part of “A Time to Kill” as it includes the favorite character of readers (Jake Brigance). Jake Brigance was a lawyer in novel “A Time to Kill”, who worked on case of murder of rapist. You must read his first novel to get better understanding.

The novel is about a wealthy man who was suffering from cancer. Instead of dying on bed he hanged himself. And left a handwritten will which excluded his family from his properties and belonging. In the will he gave all his fortune to his black house maid. This led to contradiction between maid and the family. Their story passed through a lot of twist to reach the final stage.

Publication Date: 22 October 2013

No of Pages: 464

Rating: 4/5

The Rain Maker


The Rain Maker is one of those Grisham’s book which were later transformed into film. But the book version is way better than the film version. In this book, you can observe a little change in his writing style. Unlike other books, he has gone for the humorous approach to entertain his audience.

This novel is about a student who freshly passed out of law school. He got his first case from dot and buddy black against an insurance company. Black just lost his contract with a large firm and was jobless. So, he could not pay for his son’s bone-marrow transplant. When he contacted the insurance company, they also refused to pay money. In this novel, the main character who was a law student does his best to expose the fraud and scam of that insurance company.

Publication Date: 1995

No of Pages: 434

Rating: 3.9/5

The Street Lawyer


The Street Lawyer has the most positive rating and reader review among all books of Grisham. With a lot of twists and unexpected turns, it has earned readers attention and love. This novel is about the worst people of society who treat homeless like stray animals.

So, this is story of a lawyer Michel who has going to be partner with a large law firm. But he got to meet a homeless person who was mentally ill. This person changes his life and he came to know the dirty realities of the law firm. So, he stole their top-secret file and left the job. He started fighting for the homeless, against the firm. Which was a difficult and dangerous for him. Every single line adds to the curiosity of the read.

Publication Date: 1 January 1998

No of Pages: 309

Rating: 4.3/5

The Testament


The Testament is a little bit similar to Sycamore Row. The story is about an angry billionaire who wrote a will and jumped from the high building of his headquarters. His will surprised his huge family who was ready to take all the fortune. In the will, he gave his 11 billion dollars fortune to an unknown woman. As, in his previous novels, the hero of story is a lawyer who has to find the mysterious woman.

Will he be able to find her? What consequences will he have to go through? Will the family get share in inheritance? For answers of all these questions, go now and grab the book because a lot of details will ruin the story.

Publication Date: 2 February 1999

No of Pages: 448

Rating: 4.2/5

The Last Juror


From the above books you must have gotten the point that Grisham loves to write about court rooms. This one is also a similar court room related novel. It is one of the shortest novels of Grisham so it won’t take much of your time.

The story begins with a journalist who works for newspaper company. Due to some problems the company goes bankrupt. The journalist took some loan to buy the company and struggled hard to bring it back. He got a super hit story of murder of a young widow. The story created revolution and murderer got arrested. While being moved from the court room, the murderer vowed to take revenge from the judges. The rest of story is full of delight and suspense.

Publication Date: 1981

No of Pages: 270

Rating: 3.9/5

The Summons


The Summons share a little different and unique story with the readers. It has a simple plot still it keeps the reader engaged till the end.

The story is about a father who has sick and lived alone in Mississippi. He was judge by profession. He called his sons to discuss few important things about the estate. However, before the meeting with two sons could end properly, the judge died. Leaving behind a shocking secret only known to his elder son and probably someone else too. Will the younger son get the secret? Who else knows the secret? For these answers, grab a copy now.

Publication Date: 2002

No of Pages: 373

Rating: 3.7


So, you have gone through the ten best books of John Grisham and Know a little about the story of each, you can choose the one which fits best to your area of interest. In addition to this, you need to hurry up because a few books have limited copies left. So, you need to grab one for yourself. If you want to know about manipulation, here are the best books on manipulation.