Best Magic Embroidery Pen Review 2020

A magic embroidery pen is something that comes with a lot of accessories and provides the users with a dedicated approach of knitting, quilting, or putting on the best possible embroidery designs on the cloth. The embroidery pen provides a multi-dynamic approach where it can be used for a lot of stitching purposes while changing stuff such as needles, thimble, and other aspects according to the very requirements of the user. It has a very ergonomic design which means that it can easily settle in within your hand without much trouble and is very efficient to yield while working on a hefty project.

List of Best Magic Embroidery Pen

There are multiple types of magic embroidery pens available in the market but only the best of the best needs to be put before you. That is why we have constructed the following list of most amazing magic embroidery pen for you, these might differ in terms of specifications and features that they provide the users with. But you will have to make that choice for yourself;

1.  Garosa Magic Embroidery Pen

Garosa Magic Embroidery Pen

One of the most amazing characteristics of this pen is that it is made up of the premium ABS plastic which automatically would make it to last longer than intended. It is extremely sturdy and durable to use. One of the most important factors to decide about an embroidery pen is that it offers a strong grip and doesn’t skid off from your hands that is exactly what this embroidery pen delivers. It comes with three different needles of different sets and virtue of use, you can easily unmount the previous needle and put in the one that you want to work within a matter of seconds.

The pen is extremely perfect for the DIY (do it yourself) craft, simply pick it up, fill in the bobbin, or attach the thread into the needle and start on with your embroidery project. It comes with different height options which means that you can either ascend or descend the needle up to a particular limit you are comfortable with.

  • Great grip featuring an ergonomic design
  • Comes with three different needles made up of stainless steel
  • The needle positioning system is available
  • Only intended to be used by beginners


2.  Yarniss Punch Needle Embroidery Kit

Yarniss Punch Needle Embroidery Kit

If you are looking for something that is a bit from dynamic and offers different styling options that would get your clothing and embroidery goals to a whole new level then this is the best possible embroidery pen for you. This kit comes with a high-end magic embroidery pen, differently colored threads, a selection of about three different stainless steel needles, and a case to accommodate all of it.

Talking about the main element which is the magic embroidery pen, it is made up of the stainless steel and not your regular go-to plastic version which makes it sleeker and a little heavy to wield too. The ergonomic design fits right in your hand and the maneuverability to put design around the clothing is simply fascinating. The pen in itself is very stable, can be locked in its place. This embroidery pen is even more durable than any other variant found on the market. The kit can be used for the sake of working on a variety of different projects such as quilting, putting embroidery oriented designs onto the clothes as well as on pillows, rugs, hanging ornamentals onto the clothes, and many other feats too.

  • Covers wide applications of stitching and putting embroidery oriented designs onto the cloth
  • High-quality embroidery pen made up of the stainless steel
  • Comes with three different needle set and a bunch of colorful threads too
  • Might be little too pricy for beginner level users


3.  Kisstaker Magic Embroidery Pen Set

Kisstaker Magic Embroidery Pen Set

If you are getting a little down handed with the current embroidery magic pen that you have then it is time to go fetch the professional tool for efficient work. The Kisstaker magic embroidery pen kit is the best of the best that you are ever going to get your hands around. Not only it provides an aesthetic look at first but the number of features that it provided to the user is also extremely breathtaking.

It is a complete set that comes with a magic embroidery pen, 170 different colored threads, a set of different stainless steel needles to help out with crafting and embroidery requirements, and a meter tape to help you around. The pen itself features a completely ergonomic design. Which means that you can easily grab it and work with it, freestyle. Rest assured the thread itself won’t slip out of the needle. A set of four different needles is surely going to help you around in multiple projects.

  • The most enigmatic tool kit offering a complete and immersive embroidery experience
  • Have 170 different colored threads
  • Only required by high-end professionals


Frequently Asked Questions About Magic Embroidery Pen

Following are some of the frequently asked questions about magic embroidery pen;

  1. What Is the Magic Embroidery Pen?

The magic embroidery pen is a simple device that has a needle stacked to its one end and offers a solid grip for the user on the other. Thread is inserted into the needle for the sake of putting out a design over the clothes.

  1. What Is Punch Needle Embroidery?

It is a classic and somewhat a newer form of embroidery that is related to the rug hooking. In this particular form of embroidery the needle is placed over the cloth while pushing the thread or yarn into the fabric. It creates an almost intricate design on the cloth and helps the designer to put out some strong and meaningful insight.

  1. How to use/thread an magic embroidery pen?

Threading an embroidery pen almost works like a punch needle. You screw off the top of the pen and take the needle it. And after manually threading the needle with the type of thread that you want to work with. You would have to insert it back and close the screw again. This is how you thread the needle of an embroidery pen and get on with your work.