Best Mini Sewing Machine Review 2020 – Buyers Guide

Are you looking for the best mini sewing machine? If yes then you have come to the right place. The thing with buying a mini sewing machine is that it is a lot less investment and provides you with enough hands-on stitching power to cover for your needs. Even if you have only small money to spare and want to set yourself a small stitching business then buying these small sewing machines will do you some solid. Because after buying these you will be able to start and then seasonally or occasionally upgrade your mechanical capability. OR if you want one of these mini sewing machines for the sake of fulfilling your hobby then again starting small is the best option you can consider right now.

Our Recommended List of Best Mini Sewing Machine 

Following is a list of the best mini sewing machines, you should carefully cross-check all the features and operational capabilities listed and then choose for yourself the ultimate build that you require for your practical needs. So, without further ado let’s get right into it;

1.  Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

Brother sewing machines have scored themselves a solid name and the operational stability of unbeatable performance. The Brother XM 2701 is no exception, it is a compact sewing machine and has a long list of features and performance boosts that it can provide to the user. But even being feature-rich the machine offers ultimate durability.

It comes with a variety of features and comes out as the model of the mini sewing machine that everyone would simply love to buy. It hit all kinds of chords delightedly and absolutely on-point such as with the warranty of the machine, stitches, automatic needle threader, and automatic bobbin loader that is mounted over the top. Brother XM2701 can provide you with highly stitching speed than its competitors such as the Singer machines but you will find more and more options for the decorative stitching if that is something that you do as a hobby or nonetheless.

You will have plenty of space with top-loading bobbin capability and easy needle-based threading. Not only your creative space will broaden but you will get around your projects faster than anticipated. You get six different presser feet setting that will allow you to cover different types of stitches such as blind stitch, zipper, buttonhole, and zigzag too. The machine is not bulky at all, if anything it is more compact and developed to ensure consistent portability. Not unlike many machines but the XM2701 comes with a decent warranty and during this time period if something gets broken than the Brother company will replace it for you for free.

  • Top loading bobbin for easier thread feeding
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • LED light enabled to set up on the working area
  • Easy and extremely convenient to set up
  • Lack of decorative insight or design patterns that come pre-loaded
  • A little bulky to be a portable build


2.  Singer start 1304 Mini Sewing Machine

Singer start 1304 Mini Sewing Machine

Start 1304 is the best ever sewing machine for the beginners and is developed by one of the most reputable brand-named SINGER. This company is known for manufacturing quality and performance-oriented products. This compact sewing machine is portable and can be carried anywhere. The outer body is made from the heavy-duty metal frame that increases the overall durability of the build thus making it a reliable choice for long shipping and use under a heavily stressed environment. The machine however only features six stitches but then these are enough even if you have some bulky and complicated projects to handle.

There are three presser foot options that you get with this mini sewing machine. This includes an all-purpose, zipper, and buttonhole functionality. Unlike most of the mini sewing machines, it doesn’t come with an automatic needle threader but then it is alright because it comes with an elaborative diagram that is quick and easy to follow, so you will be able to do it yourself in no time.

Singer provides you with some pre-packed accessories to start right away with your projects. The dual spool pins would allow you to do doubt stitches whenever you want and the knob makes it easier to select your stitches. Some people would have issues with the stock bobbin that comes along with the machine but then you can change the bobbin right away to your dedicated quality and parameters and then once again get on with your project with the great performance mini sewing machine. Moreover, this model has proved to be one of best singer sewing machine for kids.

  • Metal frame for a durable build
  • Twin needle sewing
  • Easy to follow threading diagram
  • A little heavy to begin with
  • Pre-provided accessories don’t offer much functionality


3.  MICHLEY LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew

MICHLEY LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew

The one and only MICHLEY LSS-505 Sew & Sew machine is a cost-effective, durable, compact, and a multi-purpose mini sewing machine that is enjoyed heavily by the beginners all around the world. Because it is very simple, easy, and convenient to use and set up. This is an ideal machine for the beginners and cost less than$60 on the whole while also including a bunch of pre-order elements with it. this makes it an overall impressive deal to indulge in. The sewing quality for the machine is not at all disturbed or hindered by the not so great build quality and lack of detailed features that can make this machine the absolute hit among the professional sewing experts too.

It comes laced with almost 8 different built-in stitch designs and the little forward and the reverse sewing feature is what makes this mini sewing machine an absolute delight. This will enable you to tighten your stitches while making sure that they don’t break themselves open any time soon. It also includes an LED light over the top of the workstation that can almost light up all of the room or the area you are working in.

The machine is lightweight, simple, and compact which means that you can take it not only inside but also outside for working on any type of project, simple or complicated because you are always backed up with the best of the sewing and stitching quality. Many users also report some of the drawbacks and shortcomings with this particular machine and almost most of these problems are directed to adjusting the tension of the machine and specific sonic or flickering that comes with it. The main reason for this is because many users forget to adjust the tension of the machine, the problem usually goes away when it is readjusted by the users.

  • The top-rated machine that is the compact and best definition of portability
  • 8 pre-built in stitches setting included
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Only handles light or medium-level projects
  • Lacks the seam guides on the needle


4.  KPCB Mini Sewing Machine

KPCB Mini Sewing Machine

KPCB always comes with outstanding and innovative products for you to use and their mini sewing machine is also no exception. It is a little different than the rest of the sewing machines that you can encounter as it comes with dual power capability. You can work on this machine via powering it up with a battery or use an outlet to power it up. The battery point doesn’t retain or crumbles the original operational ability of the machine and it is a very cost-effective option too. This mini sewing machine only comes with a single stitch that is straight and you can use it to sew the fabrics and typical clothes, but as it happens other products such as pillows, tote bags, and curtains can also be worked on using this portable machine.

The machine originally comes with contemporary content like different types of threads, bobbins, and other stuff you require in order to rock with any of your projects. The only drawback with this machine is that it is very primitive even with the type of technology you get, you can only perform the basic things with it and if you want to dive into more complex things then you must look for some other compatible machines. This is the best bet for you if you want something that is cost-effective and offers a variety of basic features.

  • Dual power option such as with battery or outlet power
  • Automatic rewinding of the bobbin
  • Extension table to tackle complex projects
  • Only have a single built-in stitch


5.  Luby Sewing Machine for Beginners

Luby Sewing Machine for Beginners

Luby always brings about the best introduction products to be used by beginners for them to learn valuable skills and practice their knowledge. The Luby mini sewing machine is no exception. It offers a small and compact design that can be used as a portable build where you can take it anywhere you like and start working on your project without any hindrance. This model is easy to use and set up but is overloaded with tons of dedicated features. You will also receive a bunch of essentials with this mini sewing machine that you can use to start working on any of your given projects.

This easy to operate and set up build offers about 350 stitches per minute and is small enough to be transported easily to the small cover case that comes for packing the machine. Although there is a simple outline that you can find with the manual of the machine that directs to the change of the stitching speed whenever you need it. This might be the best option to control the speed of the stitch with the click of a button. Threading the needle, adjusting the bobbin, or feeding the thread to the machine can be adjusted and calibrated with one single click. Reverse sewing is another function that you get with this machine so you can stitch in the reverse fashion or pull out the stitches whenever you want in order to take apart the stitch over some cloth or garment.

Furthermore, the LED chamber over the working bench increases the productivity and functioning of your work too. The machine is designed on the whole for the sake of working on beginner-level projects such as simple clothes, putting decorative designs on garments and things like that, it doesn’t work with the heavy materials. Cotton, linen, and silk are the best ever options that you can work with this machine.

  • Comes with moderate, slow and high speed preset
  • The free arm is also available if you want to use
  • LED light over the workstation
  • Only covers the beginner level stitch
  • A little too lightweight that durability issues start to persist


6.  Janome Fastlane Fuschia Basic

Janome Fastlane Fuschia Basic

This portable and extremely compact mini sewing machine by Janome is an absolute have for someone who is a beginner and is simply starting out on the journey. It only has five pounds of overall weight that makes it perfectly compact and an extreme choice for the users who want to take it around for a spin. It offers two different stitch options straight and the zigzag, and is considered the most subtle option for children who would like to learn how to sew and step into the world of embroidery and fashion designing. However, other than children the professional workers can also use the machine from time to time to work on small and less complicated stuff even on paper crafting too.

If you want to offer this mini sewing machine to someone as a birthday present or on some other joyous occasion as it is extremely affordable and incurs only small investment. You can find it in plenty of different colors such as yellow, purple, or others. Many of these machines come in a customized version too so you can not only pick out the type of color you want on the body but also add or remove plenty of other features too.

But at its heart, it is always going to be a cost-effective machine for sewing projects and there is no next level thing that you can do with it. If you want to learn the art of sewing then it is a perfect machine to have. But if you are a professional and are looking forward to buying some compact and easy to transport option then there are plenty of other deals available on the market that comes with additional features that can cater to your diversified needs as a professional sewing expert.

  • Comes with two different built-in stitches
  • Extremely light and sufficiently portable
  • Very beginner level machine
  • Less features


7.  MICHLEY LSS-202 Lil’ Sew & Sew Mini Sewing Machine

MICHLEY LSS-202 Lil’ Sew & Sew Mini Sewing Machine

When you come around this beautiful machine you will be completely astonished at how small and compact its design is yet the operational capability is simply marvelous. This is a portable mini sewing machine by Michley and is the most affordable that is listed here. It comes with a two-speed portable capability that has a beautiful array of features to complete its dynamic look and the functional status it offers.

The machine only has basic features that make it a more dynamic choice to learn the stitching. It offers one basic stitch at the lower speed and is extremely easy to thread in the afterglow. Even if you are an experienced professional in stitching business this machine can be used to work on small but complicated stuff such as bags, hats, and other similar stuff.

It comes with a variety of accessories that are pre-loaded with the original machine build such as double thread, four bobbins, and a foot pedal along with it. A set of dynamic needles and a threader is also present when you make the purchase.

On the whole, it is an excellent choice if you are looking for something with great build, cost-effective price, and a bunch of features that provide the beginners the chance of learning all about the concept of the mini sewing machines.

  • Two-speed portable machine
  • Best machine to start your practice as a beginner
  • The best one to complete small but complicated projects
  • A little too small even for a mini sewing machine


8.  DONYER POWER Electric Portable Mini Sewing Machine

DONYER POWER Electric Portable Mini Sewing Machine

It doesn’t matter what kind of opinion you might have but it is rather easy to find an inexpensive sewing machine with decent qualities and features within it. But if you take the feature slider all the way to the max then this easy task ultimately becomes the hardest one, just like that. Thousands of models and types of mini sewing machines make their way in the market but the truth of the day is that you will have to pay a higher amount in order to retrieve such high-end features. This is exactly where the DONYER POWER electric sewing portable mini comes into play, not only it has a dynamic build with a mix of plastic and metal finish but the overall features that it has are also fundamental and iconic.

A quick glance at the features that you might get on a cost-effective trail includes; 12 built-in stitches, thread rewind, carry handle for easy mobility, and mounted over the top is the thread loader. So, the end story is that for such a small price and a mini sewing machine this specific product does a lot of justice to the consumers. An extremely vivid drawback that comes ahead with using this machine is damaging it and the very delicate circuits that it has inside due to low mobility of the power supply. That is why it is advised that you consider using a battery or adapter that can take care of the exact power needed by the machine and thus adding to its longevity.

Aa 300 spm (stitches per minute) is what you get with this engineering marvel but a limited one year warranty. This is a drawback that people face with plenty of the sewing machines that either fall close to the DONYER POWER or exceeds it in providing plenty of features in a small build thus at the end becoming non-operational sooner than you think. But if you only want to stick with it for the time being then it is an excellent choice to have, because it can take care of any type of workload thrown its way rather easily.

  • Comes with 12 built-in stitches to cover diversified projects
  • A carry handle for smooth mobility
  • Two different speed presets for faster and slower stitching
  • Limited warranty than most of the other machines on the market
  • A little bulky for it to fall under the category of conveniently traveled around


9.  AGM Portable Sewing Machine

AGM Portable Sewing Machine

The main purpose of this AGM built mini sewing machine is to help you stitch the hard and sturdy fabrics with it. You can probably go with parachute fabric if you have this machine and the operational ability it provides you to work on these thick and iron-like fabrics. You can also work on plenty of rough and tough surfaces even the car roofs or hard surfaces can be put together with this compact but heavy-duty sewing machine. Sturdy fabrics can not only be stretched very easily but they can also be stitched easily than ever before.

This machine can relatively swap between the needles faster than you can blink, but for that to happen you would have to press the change or switch button. You can easily add a bunch of different needle designs and types with the machine and then leave it just there, you will be able to switch between these when the appropriate time comes or the need to do so emerges. The accessories that already come laced with this machine can easily be changed or switched, such as you can let go of the needles that come pre-packed and buy your own set if it works for you. There is no fuss about it, you can customize the experience however you deem fit.

If you are a DIY (do it yourself) type of person then having this practical mini sewing machine around can do you some solid. You can work on plenty of different leather related projects rather seamlessly and even take it around with you if such an emergency is needed. Due to its more than compact design and sturdy pick up and go kind of vibe, it is an extremely light machine to travel with.

  • An ideal choice for travelers who wants to fix their stuff instantly
  • Can stitch tougher fabrics rather easily
  • Uses noise reduction facility
  • Doesn’t function delightedly with thin fabrics
  • Only have a single wax thread to work with


10.  Brother XR9550PRW Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother XR9550PRW Sewing and Quilting Machine

If you want to enjoy computerized functioning within a mini sewing machine then you have come to the right place because the Brother XR9550PRW specifically does that. This beautiful and compact sized machine comes with the operational ability to be transported to distant places with an enhanced focus on the portability of things. It comes pre-equipped with a lot of tenacious features such as a large LCD screen on which different stitching speeds and design variations can be adjusted to give yourself a customized and error-free experience.

Free arm capability allows for sewing cuffs and sleeves and the drop feed for free motion quilting and sewing is also present within this computerized machine. This amazing machine has 8 types of stitch selection and not all of them might be useful to you but still, it is present in there and you can use this functionality nonetheless. For the sake of accommodating your overstretched quilting projects it comes with some extra board space, you can not only stretch your sewing material and the fabric but also layout a proper sketch, to begin with.

You can also use the computerized touch support for doing it because this way you can view the final piece before it comes out onto the fabric. Choose a design and then work on it with the computer that comes rigged to the machine and you will have a classic substance that you can work with regarding your project. With the help of the large backlit LCD display, you can not only take care of the detailed outline for your project but also choose the very stitch settings that you need for going forward with the project at hand.

The automatic needle threaded that you get with this machine will also make your life easier as you won’t have to worry about taking care of the thread going to the needle as it will go by itself with just a simple touch of the button with this mini sewing machine.

  • 8 different buttonhole styles
  • Automatic needle threaded
  • Backlit LCD display
  • A little too costly
  • Not easy to set up or to be understood by a beginner


11.  Sew Mighty Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners

Sew Mighty Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners

If you have simply begun with the sewing only now then it is important that you have your hands-on such a mini sewing machine that is not that complicated to set up or to follow instructions with and that is where the Sew mighty mini portable sewing machine comes to play. It is simpler to use and convenient to set up without any hindrance. You can start small projects on this machine and then continue adding or moving to other more complicated regions or features of the machine as you tread on. This is a perfect thing to provide children and teenagers with who are specifically serious about working with such a delicate mix of discipline and conformity in the beginner’s confidence which they can depict.

The machine features a small and compact design with easy to carry functionality, it means that it can be taken with you almost anywhere and you can then still work on the projects or stuff that you were already tending to. It comes with the dual nature of control when it comes to the speed motor, it offers a dual speed motor that can be controlled with the hand or the foot pedal all at the same time. If you want to start working on the small projects first and then get to the more complicated or advanced level offers then it is suggested that you take a tour with this machine only to find out at the end that it is the perfect-ever choice that you could simply go along, to begin with.

Not only this but the mini sewing machine comes laced with a variety of different accessories such as the bobbins, spools of thread, easy to cover and protect cover and more than anything the set of the needles is also included into the set of accessories that comes along when you buy the machine itself.

  • Portable and durable machine to work with on plenty of projects
  • Easy to use and very convenient to set up
  • Comes with a variety of accessories that can help you to begin with any project that you might currently have
  • A little too basic even for the beginners
  • Doesn’t get around the heavy lifting or working with extensive types of clothing or fabric