Best Sewing Machine Servo Motor Reviews [2020]

Are you a sewing enthusiast or have you taken it as a professional endeavor? Whatever your initial intentions and motive for indulging into sewing might be, there is one thing for sure that you must know every nitty-gritty aspect of the sewing machine that you use. What goes where and which thing is capable of performing which specific function? The same goes for the sewing machine servo motor that is the driving force between all other spindles and cylinders thumping thoroughly so you can perform various different functions with the machine. Choosing the best sewing machine servo motor there is might be the ultimate solution to various small problems that the users continue to face on a day to day basis.

Finding the best sewing machine servo motor there is can present you with the opportunity of an easy and clean install, convenience in use, and most importantly them being lightweight and presenting you with multiple features like less energy consumption.


Our Recommended List of Best Sewing Machine Servo Motor

So, if you are determined to find the best possible sewing machine servo motor that can serve your purpose and remain functional for a long time then feel free to scroll through the following different products and choose your best depending on the features that you are looking for;

1.  Rex Industrial Sewing Machine Servo Motor

Rex Industrial Sewing Machine Servo Motor

Rex is the brand that users trust and is capable of presenting high quality and durable products through and through. The brand is best known for the accuracy and precision that it presents to the users. The sewing machine servo motors provided by Rex are extremely convenient to set up and noiseless too. That is the main reason why these traditional Rex motors have taken over the usual clutch-based motors.

Even if the pedal is conveniently in use and the machine is consistently working, the motor will use less energy and thus is a power-efficient product from the beginning. The 550 watts operational power input can help you tackle various different projects that you happen to have on your plate. This incredibly fast servo motor comes with an additional feature that is the speed adjustment, you can practically customize the speed of the stitches produced by the motor while the set value being at 3450 rpm. So, if you have the diversity and customization in changing the stitching and revolving speed of the motor then chances are that you can tackle various different projects along with it.

You might have seen these motors working efficiently with various reputed brands out there such as Juki, Brothers, and Singer. The very reason why these motors are liked so much is the notion of being lightweight, extremely convenient, and easy to install features. Users that have already used the motor only have good things to say about it and prioritize Rex servo motor over the traditional clutch based motors. Although the machine doesn’t come along with any manual to make your way to install it still you can easily figure out how to do so.

In a nutshell, this power-focused beast is good to go with any industrial or otherwise home-based sewing machine and due to its various customization features it can work best on lightweight and both heavy-duty projects.

  • Durable and easy to use speedster motor
  • Great speed control of about 3450 rpm
  • Noiseless and updated performance
  • Customizable speed options
  • Doesn’t come with a needle positioner
  • Might be a little pricy


2.  Consew CSM1000 Sewing Machine Electric Servo Motor

Consew CSM1000 Sewing Machine Electric Servo Motor

The Consew CSM1000 is another sewing machine servo motor that has made its way to this splendid and carefully crafted list. To begin with, this motor is extremely lightweight with just 10-12 lbs. in weight and comes with extreme power and supreme performance whether it is something lightweight that you are working on or you are filing in the bobbin to get down to some complicated stuff. The machine itself draws a negligible amount of power and is a super electricity savior while getting things done for you at the same time.

This motor doesn’t have any mounting issues where your old clutch motor used to be you can mount this one without any hassle. On the other hand, the machine doesn’t produce any noise and vibrations which are likely to distract you and get stitches all over the clothes you are stitching, pretty annoying, huh? But not with this one.

One of the greatest features to die for this motor includes the 550-watt brushless motor design which is crafted to deal with any kind of sewing project. The motor also comes with a needle positioner or synechiae but the feature works great with or without turning on the synchronizer. There is a total of 4 different speed presets that you can use or adjust your current speed around. Not only this but the direction of the motor can also be altered depending on your requirements. The motor has the capability of saving an almost 70% power even when it is constantly in motion at 200 rpm.

In short, it is a great motor to work with if you want to cut your electricity costs, get a little more done, and enjoying the hassle-free experience. This sewing machine servo motor with the needle positioner will ultimately keep you aligned and well on with the fabric that you are working on right now.

  • Enables fast, smooth and convenient sewing operation
  • Needle positioner/synchronizer available
  • Optimum torque ratio even at higher speeds
  • Little hard to program or use
  • Lacks the portability option


3.  FESM 550C Quiet

FESM 550C Quiet

One true fact about buying and selling stuff is that when you step into the market to buy something, the more you are willing to spend the more innovative product you will be able to get. If you are someone that is willing to pay a little extra just in order to get their hands on a bunch of cool and appreciable features a sewing motor has to offer then FESM 550C Quiet is the best thing that you can go for.

It is a budget-friendly motor with a clutch-less servo motor that is adaptable to variations in the context of sewing and fulfilling other work-related requirements. The bottom line is that various features of the motor can be customized to as per the requirements of the user such as scaling up and down the stitching speed of the motor with an adjustable knob. You can take the speed to the extreme level or you can bring it down to the lowest and it would still work perfectly. The overall speed can go up as 3300 rpm depending on the type of fabric that you are using such as whether it is triple-layered or double-layered.

If you have to work on heavy-duty fabrics such as leather or thick vinyl then you can turn on the slow-motion feature of the motor in which it works slowly but produces more efficient and tenacious stitches through and through so you can enjoy the absolute perfect and quality-oriented work. The least possible slow speed of the motor can be dialed down to the 5-7 stitches per minute but at higher affordable prices it can work up the charm like a thread ripper.

The reverse and forward working capability of the motor is also a benefit to yearn for, it can work up your fabric in whatever direction that you may like and also without any hassle.

  • The motor is extremely powerful, durable and electricity efficient
  • Have a maximum speed of almost say 3300 rpm but can be dialed down depending on the project that you have to cover
  • Noise reduction feature makes your work go smoothly
  • Some of the pieces might reach defective but you can eventually return them and the company will ship the newer ones in no time.


4.  Enduro Sewing Machine Servo Motor

Enduro Sewing Machine Servo Motor

If you are currently letting go of the old power clutch motor off of your sewing machine then you will be delighted to know that the Enduro sewing machine servo motor is the best ever sewing motor that you can come around. It is a great alternative and saves almost 70% of electricity in the long run thus reducing your overall bill.

This motor is virtually more compliant which means that you can simply strap it over any particular sewing machine that you might have lying around. It is smaller, convenient to set up and noise-free entry which makes it a smoother and quitter variation than various other similar brands in the market.

You get a small knob mounted at the back of the motor with readings and random clicks with the help of which you can control the overall speed of the motor and thus increase or decrease the stitching efficiency depending on the project that you are working on. The machine itself consumes about 550 watts of power in order to be fully operational and has a rotational speed of about 3300 rpm.

You don’t have to buy the new mounting holes as the machine can be easily mounted over the old ones without any hassle. So, in general, you get a cost-effective package that is fit for your needs.

With the starter kit, you get a pair of carbon brushes, mounting bolts, belts, and other attached hardware. This is the best ever motor that you ever going to get for commercial use.

  • Easy and convenient installation; no need for a manual
  • Energy-efficient and noise-free operation
  • Can operate both in forward and reverse direction without attaching any accessories
  • In general, the machine is only biased to work with complicated projects
  • Some shipments lacked the rods that connect the motor to the pedal


5.  Mophorn Servo Motor CS1000

Mophorn Servo Motor CS1000

Mophorn CS1000 is an industrial-grade servo motor that has a brushless system and operates at almost 550 watts. The overall specifications of this motor are tuned in such a way that it can perfectly work both heavy-duty and industrial based projects. The various specifications of this motor include a 550-watt power operation, 60 Hz frequency, and a solid torque of about 4Nm.

The most enjoyable trait of this machine is that it can easily be scaled to higher values and operational capability such as with the brushless carbon design the inner acceleration and torque can be increased to ultimate values. This will increase efficiency and reduce mechanical wear considerably.

The overall operation of the motor’s speed is set around 500-4500 rpm but you will get a solid operational adjustable knob using which you can definitely adjust the very speed at which the motor is expected to operate.

If you are a professional that is always taking on complex and bulky projects and want a digital partner to cater to your working needs then Mophorn Sewing Machine servo motor should be your ultimate choice. The motor doesn’t seem to melt or crush under the heavyweight of industrial stress and other sewing tactics. Furthermore, you won’t also have to endure the crushing noise that many clutched motors make and continue to work in a scenic and soundless environment. Rest assured the endless vibrations won’t be able to disrupt your work in any case.

  • Recommended for low and high-speed industrial sewing practice
  • Brushless architecture enables to take on heavy-duty sewing
  • Saves up to almost 70% electricity bill
  • Need guidance in order to install it
  • Can be a little pricy for some user


6.  JUKI Consew

The main reason why users absolutely love this product is that it is extremely versatile, durable, and packs a great punch of power and stability essentially considering the heavy-duty industrialized sewing projects that need to be done.

One of the core aspects of the machine that makes it the best option to go with is its usage of minimal electricity thus carefully and statistically reducing your electric bill. It doesn’t use any power when it is resting or is not being operated. Also talking about the noise that this machine makes; it doesn’t make any when it is in the resting stage which is, of course, every other motor also won’t but when in operation it doesn’t produce that much noise and vibration that becomes unbearable too, given this is an industrial setup, to begin with.

Also, if you want it to operate at higher speeds then you are absolutely welcome to do so because of the unbeatable 4500 rpm speed of the motor, and also it doesn’t take any time to warm up. But even the lowest working speed of the motor can only go as down as 400 rpm which is still high to work on some high detailing projects.

It comes with the needle synchronizer or positioner thus allowing you to point the needle at any possible point and simply starting sewing right away.

  • Powerful motor that can go as up as 4500 rpm
  • It can eventually save almost 70% electricity in the long run
  • Works well with high-speed dependent projects
  • Doesn’t comes with proper guidance or install manual, to begin with
  • Some users might not be able to apprehend the install instructions properly


7.  Sewtco Industrial Sewing Machine Servo Motor

Sewtco Industrial Sewing Machine Servo Motor

The Swetco servo motors are the industrial-grade sewing machine motors that can eventually help you to go to the next level. Often within industrial operations, the need to have a stronger and bolder choice is flowing and a gap is being created where durable, trusted, and heavy lifter sewing motors are required, the Swetco servo motor can essentially fill that gap.

The motor itself has plenty of dedicated features that make it a priceless commodity to have and cheer. One such feature includes the incorporation of the needle synchronizer and positioner. Now it is a small overall feature but it can essentially help the user to take care of their needle position and hover around in multiple directions i.e. upwards, downwards, reverse and forward without having to tear the fabric or sweat it up in any way.

Talking about power efficiency like most of the options that you can find in the market, this motor also offers a strong power efficiency feature while saving about 70% of the total electric power consumed. The selling point here is that other motors save the same amount of electricity but not all of them can work on heavy-duty industrial level projects but Swetco motor can and it still saves you pretty awesome value.

The lightweight Swetco motor weighs around 10-12 lbs. and is so designed to work well with the heavy-duty machinery. Another classic addition of features includes the capability of the motor to produce less noise even under a heavy workload. Unlike other machines that are branded and sold as noiseless but when working on heavy or triple sheet fabric starts to vibrate or make excessive noise, Swetco motor is something else. It doesn’t produce any sound and is a delight to work with especially if you don’t want your eardrums to be ringing at all times.

  • Must have a product for heavily industrialized sewing
  • Energy-efficient, lightweight and noise-free operation
  • Compatible with almost any sewing machine-oriented product out there
  • Some buyers would find the belt tightener a little too short