Best Shoe Sewing Machines for Cobblers Review 2020

Does it sound nugatory why one should own a sewing machine for shoes? Well, There are a lot of reasons to own a shoe sewing machine. Firstly, and most importantly we all have encountered a situation where our shoes broke off and we couldn’t manage to go to a cobbler to get them mend. We had to sit back, worry & maybe choose a different pair of shoes for the time being. You might have had to wear an un-matching color pair of shoes because of this reason. With a heavy duty sewing machine at hand, you can fix your shoes just in minutes.

Secondly, these sewing machines are easy to handle which means you don’t have to be afraid of anything you just need to go through the basics, there is no complexity in handling them. Most of them don’t even require stitching knowledge. Thirdly, these machines don’t work like any other ordinary repairing machine. The needles attached to it are strong and work with every kind of material whether it is jute or leather, it is capable of sewing through all kinds of stubborn fabric. The needle threaders help in easay Not just your shoes, it can also repair your bags and related stuff. It’s a win-win situation so you won’t have to overthink while buying one!

I bought one recently at affordable price& I’m glad to share that it has helped me a lot with repairing some of my basic items including my leather bag. Not just this you can also use these machines with the kids around, they are not dangerous. These heavy duty sewing machines are really helpful and convenient. They have a long life span & are not costly, which leaves you with no worries. You’ll be investing your money in the right place.

List of Best Shoe Sewing Machines

Don’t think much to buy yours! For your ease and convenience we have created a list of the best shoe sewing machines, so you could easily choose which one fits your needs! You can search them at a nearby store or order online.

1.  ECO-WORTHY Shoe Stitching Machine (Hand Machine)

ECO-WORTHY Shoe Stitching Machine

Dimensions 21.26 x 13.98 x 6.22 inches
Weight 25.6 pounds
Powered By Hand Machine
Warranty Not mentioned
Manufacturer ECOWORTHY


One of the most versatile handheld machines of all time is ECO-WORTHY hand Machine. This green color portable handy machine is easy to carry and setup. It requires standard sewing machine needles. You can easily set it up & start your work within minutes. You can also move & rotate the machine to different areas during stitching which is not possible in conventional sewing machines.

It can sew different materials using nylon and cotton threads like leather shoes, leather bags, coats, joggers, sneakers and even clothes. ECO-WORTHY Shoe stitching machine also has an upgraded version which is more reliable because it has a shockproof ability which results in lesser damage to the material. It requires no battery or electricity which is also a plus point. You can start stitching anywhere at any time regardless of power issues. It is suitable for everyone.

  • It requires no knowledge of stitching
  • Suitable for embroidery
  • It is portable
  • It doesn’t require batteries or electricity to power
  • Easy to setup
  • It makes you tired because it is powered by hands
  • Not suitable for heavy materials


2.  ETE ETMATE Cobbler Sewing Machine

ETE ETMATE Cobbler Sewing Machine

Dimensions 19.3 x 11.8 x 6.9 inches
Weight 24.2 pounds
Powered By Hand
Warranty Not mentioned
Manufacturer ETE ETMATE


ETE ETMATE Cobbler sewing machine could be your best partner in hard times. This machine is easy to set up. The manual is given with it which will help you to compile together all the parts easily. It works effectively with no noise turbulence and the results are good with no material damage. It works best with nylon and silk thread. You can mend anything with it including your bags, shoes and clothes you can even do embroidery or create handicrafts with it.

This machine has a rotatable arm which helps you to move it to different places without facing any problem, this feature is not common in other stitching machine shoe patcher. The main parts of this machine are the machine head, winding bracket and rocket arm. You can even carry this machine with you as it’s a compact gadget so you could solve all your mending problems right on the spot. You can get expert in stitching using this machine by ETE ETMATE. It has everything you need!

  • Simple design with easy setup
  • It generates no noise
  • Efficient and productive
  • Lesser material damage
  • It doesn’t on work on the heavy material
  • You can’t work for too long on big projects because it uses man labor


3.  Ironwalls Shoe Repair / Mending Machine

Ironwalls Shoe Repair / Mending Machine
Dimensions 20.66 x 13.58 x 5.9 inches
Weight 24.2 pounds
Powered By Hand
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Manufacturer IRONWALLS


This classical shoe repair machine by IRONWALLS is a must have choice. This sewing machine is made from iron and heavy metal which makes it super durable and versatile. The main features of this machine are shockproof ability. It also has a rotatable needle which helps you in stitching. Needles distance can be regulated according to your need.

These machines give highly efficient results and produces almost no noise. You can perform your repair easily with this user-friendly gadget. Speed is adjustable according to the fabric and feasibility. It is elegant and simple in design with a heavy structure & so is the setup. The walking foot of the machine enables the worker to work freely in any direction. This machine faces no maintenance issues or costs. All you need to do is to oil its parts before starting your work for high efficiency.

  • Uses nylon or cotton wire
  • It can even repair high heels
  • It can repair clothes or products that are made of leather.
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • It takes little space and has an ideal climax for daily use work.
  • It is easy to install without any exterior help.
  • Budget friendly price
  • The repair may be expensive for customers.
  • It has some installation/maintenance costs.


4.  HYDDNice Cobbler Shoe Sewing Machine

HYDDNice Cobbler Sewing Machine

Dimensions 20.5 x 13.5 x 6 inches
Weight 24.1 pounds
Powered By Hand/Manual
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Manufacturer Hangzhou Yaye Import and Export Co. Ltd


This shoe repair machine got tons of features that make it convenient to use and make it superior to other machines of its kind. This product is manual. It has a foot that is used to attain the exact strength to work accurately. Unlike automatic machines, the operation in this machine can be halted in case of any mistake or accident. This is easy-to-use. Its body is easy to assemble, install and disassemble. It is tactfully constructed of durable and strong iron. Being lightweight and easy to move, it can be taken along when travelling. It has low maintenance costs.

The arm of this machine allows access to those inner parts of shoes where most machines cannot reach. Foot is an integral part of this machine which controls the whole sewing operation and makes it smooth to handle. The distance between sewing needles is adjustable. All the parts are coated with anti-rust oil to prevent corrosion. Some lubricant should be applied to joints before operating it.

Different kinds of stuff can be sewed such as leather boots, leather bags, raincoats, rubber boots, etc. by using cotton or nylon threads of different sizes.

  • Low maintenance costs.
  • It is a sturdy and durable machine as it is made of strong iron.
  • It can sew and repair other leather products as well as belts, wallets, jackets, etc.
  • Can be used with the cotton, nylon, prince and other lines.
  •     These kinds of machines require expertise, can’t be used by laymen
  •     Delicate parts of the machine are susceptible to breakage
  •     Time to time maintenance is required or parts may not operate properly


5.  FISTER Cobbler Leather Sewing Machine

FISTER Cobbler Leather Sewing Machine

Dimensions 21.2 x 13.5 x 5.6 inches
Weight 25 pounds
Powered By Hand/Manual
Warranty 5 years warranty
Manufacturer Xiamen DuZheng Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd


FISTER cobbler repair machine is a handheld machine. It uses a dual cotton nylon line sewing machine for repairing the shoes. The machine is specially designed to fix different kinds of shoes and items. The items which are mended by the FISTER cobbler leather sewing machine are as follows; leather shoes, rubber shoes, cloth shoes, sneakers and high heels. This machine is also used to botch raincoats, trousers, leather jackets and other goods or clothes that are made of leather. In a nutshell, we can say that this machine can repair all the items that are made of leather.

It has a long life expectancy and works with high effectiveness with no commotion. The arm can permit you to get into places that most different machines can’t go. It utilizes standard sewing machine needles.Old-fashioned and basic structure occupies little room with proper stature, ideal for ordinary use. The shoe fix sewing machine is of full metal development, wear safe and difficult to be wrecked. This machine is easy to install and takes several minutes.

  • Durable and has high work efficiency.
  • It creates no noise turbulence during working.
  • It can repair goods and clothes made from leather.
  • Takes little space and has an ideal climax for daily use work.
  • It may take time to repair shoes.
  • It can be expensive for customers.


6.  YEQIN DIY Shoe Repair Machine

YEQIN DIY Shoe Repair Machine
Dimensions 21 x 14.2 x 5.8 inches
Weight 25.7 pounds
Powered By Hand/Manual
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Manufacturer YEQIN


YEQIN shoe cobbler repair machine is a manual repair machine. The lodge of the machine could be a move to any place where most of the machines can’t. It requires less room to be fit than the other cobbler repair machines. The walking foot of this machine are adjustable, they lead you to work in any direction freely and easily by just turning them into that direction. This machine uses standard sewing machine needles for fixing the shoes, clothes, or other goods made of leather.

It can be easily be installed by your own, neither  does it require much time for installation. The framework of this machine is quite plain, linear and firm. All the movable parts of the machine should be lubricated with oil for better quality work.

  • It takes lesser room than other machines
  • Its framework is plain and simple
  • The walking foot of the machine enables the worker to work freely in any direction.
  • It is easy to install than any other machine. You can set it by yourself.
  • This is a manual machine machine thus the quality of work differs from automatic machine


7.  YUEWO DIY Shoe Repair Machine

YUEWO DIY Shoe Repair Machine
Dimensions 7.76 x 6.97 x 2.9 inches
Weight 15.9 pounds
Powered By Hand/Manual
Warranty Life time Warranty
Manufacturer YUEWO


YUEWO DIY shoe repair machine is used for making new shoes as well as mending old ones. It is a manual repair machine.The needles that we use in this machine are of high quality. The gap between those needles can be adjusted as per the requirement. The arm of the machine is specially designed to help the workers to launch into the shoe very easily, whereas other machines do not reach.  

YUEWO DIY shoe repair machine is durable with high working efficiency. It creates no noise disturbance while working. Its body is completely made of iron. The parts of the machine can easily detach so that it can move easily from one place to another. Its installation is quite simple and it has low maintenance costs. The framework of the machine is close-packed and plain which is ideal for daily work.

  • It is user-friendly
  • The body parts of the machine can easily detach for transportation.
  • The company provides online video guides, free parts exchanged and 1-year warranty.
  • It is durable.
  • High maintenance costs.
  • It does not gives a professional finishing


8.  YAETEK Shoe Sewing Machine

YAETEK Shoe Machine
Dimensions 13.78 x 5.91 x 20.87 inches
Weight 25.9 pounds
Powered By Hand/Manual
Warranty Life time Warranty
Manufacturer YUEWO


YAETEK is one of the best sewing machine for shoes. It is equipped with a special turntable and bobbin operation which is convenient to use. Any material which fits under the foot can be stitched easily by this machine. It’s not an indoor machine, rather it has to be setup outside to use it.The framework of the machine is quite simple and plain. It is fully made of iron. And also wear-resistant. It has a long-life, having high work-efficiency.

The package includes sewing parts, hand crank, needle chunk and a screwdriver. Moreover, if you face any problem while using this product you will get a free customer care service. Within 90 days you can return or refund the product.

  • It can mend any kind of shoes as well as clothes and leather products.
  • You can claim change or refund within 90 days.
  • Needles are 6mm wide.
  • The walking foot helps to grip the shoes firmly.
  • No user manual


9.  FAMYUN Cobbler Shoe Repair Machine

FAMYUN Cobbler Shoe Repair Machine
Dimensions 19 x 12.9 x 5.9 inches
Weight 24.3 pounds
Powered By Hand/Manual
Warranty 3 month
Manufacturer FANYUN e-commerce co.LTd


FAMYUN hand cobbler shoe repair machine uses dual nylon, cotton, or prince for sewing the shoes. The upper attached string is movable and adjustable. You can alter your working course whenever by pivoting 360 degrees; More professional, increasingly productive, and more for your work. When working, turn the screw up and down to regulate the stitch length.

If you feel any query related to the product feel free to connect with the company.They are available 24/7 to solve your problem. Their customer service team tries their best to solve your queries. We will also give you a 3 Month warranty and replacement for products. All sorts of leather products and shoes can be stitched using this leather sewing machine.

  • It can repair any kind of shoes as well as clothes and leather goods.
  • Can claim change or refund within 90 days.
  • The walking foot helps to grip the shoe tightly.
  • It is a complex structure



So, this was the list of best shoe sewing machines. We hope that this buying guide helps you in your search for the Finest Shoe Sewing Machine available in the market. After an extensive research, customer feedback and personal experience I have gathered, I have come to conclusion that the HYDDNice hand machine cobbler is the best one out there. With a life long warranty and perfect sewing techniques,this leather sewing machine has surely made its name in the market. Now no need to be worried about getting into a messy situation due to your shoes. As HYDDNice Hand Cobbler Shoe Repairing Machine is a good partner for all shoe lovers. A few people prefer singer heavy duty sewing machines to repair shoes. Although they seem like a great option but they wont help you a lot as they are not designed for shoes, they are just for heavy duty fabric.