Best Tailors Chalk for Fabric Review [2020]

Sewing and stitching is not an ordinary profession, nor does it depend on the ordinary means to get things done. Chances are that if you want to bring the best from your work then you require the best of the tools, to begin with. Talking about the tailors chalk for marking the cuttings on the fabrics, not only you need something that is prominent against the dark imprint of the fabric but also lightweight and completely organic. Want to work the best you can on those seams and produce even and symmetric cuts? If yes then you must go through the variety of different tailor chalks that are being reviewed for you to choose the best out of them.

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List of Best Tailors Chalks

So, without further delay let’s get right into the list;

1.  Ogrmar 10PCS Professional Tailors Chalk

Ogrmar 10PCS Professional Tailors Chalk

The Ogrmar unit of the tailor worthy chalks come into four different coloring options that can best serve your needs for having something different and unique to work with on different types and colors of the clothing. The model is as professional as it gets, not only you get the evenly symmetrical chalks that are perfectly cut from all the ends but can also serve your home tailoring needs too. You will certainly adore this triangle cut piece of chalk that comes in different vibrant colors and it is not only easy to handle the chalk but also strive for marking the ends or seams that you want to cut out.

You can definitely use this item for the ordinary as well as complex designs and get the best of vibrant and clear seams markings so you can easily cut it out whenever needed. The item is only known to work better with the woven items but for the knitted fabrics you need to simply apply a bit more pressure to get that even streak of markings so you can easily cut that piece. But if your only purpose is to get a straight and streamlined marking over the cloth then this chalk is the absolute best for you to begin with.

  • Definitely recommended for woven fabrics
  • Four sets of chalks with a different color combination
  • Free from the fragile problem, doesn’t break that easily
  • Don’t work that great on knitted fabrics


2.  Dritz 748 Tailor’s Chalk & Holder with Sharpener

Dritz 748 Tailor’s Chalk & Holder with Sharpener

Do you want a chalk that you won’t have to hold in your hands and want to use it from a difference using it like a pencil for more accurate and vivid lines produced for marking on the fabrics? If yes then Dritz 748 is the best ever choice you can go for. This is extremely cost-effective and convenient chalk, to begin with, you can easily handle it and then go on with making illustrious and vibrant streaks onto your fabric. The overall build of the chalk is plastic which is perfect because this way it won’t feel heavy at all in your hands and you will get to accurately place the lines on your fabric.

The chalk itself is housed into a closed fast-medium embedded in between two walls of the plastic when you feel like that the chalk is the near end you can simply take out the spare sharpener that you get with the chalk and simply sharp your way for getting a harmonious and erectly pointed chalk out of the embedded plastic again. This chalk can be used without inflicting any damage or unusual stains to the clothes or hands as it is going to be used as a pen.

  • Perfect for use on linen and other slippery clothing due to ease of handling
  • Comes in two colors; white and blue
  • No stains on hands whatsoever
  • Can be slippery at times
  • After sharpening the smoothness and rolling effect is lost


3.  RuiLing 20-Pack Mixed Color Professional Erasable Tailor’s Chalks

RuiLing 20-Pack Mixed Color Professional Erasable Tailor’s Chalks

This is like diversity and quality meet on a single plate, the new RuiLing twenty pack mixed color pro fabric chalk is the absolute fix for your day to day problems. The overall appearance and texture of the chalk are soft to touch, other than that the rolling of the chalk on the fabric is quite delicate and error-free, to begin with. It doesn’t tend to leave any kind of marks or stretching signs over the fabric which is a great thing given the fact the quality of the fabric will remain intact at all times.

It comes in a transparent box and has a total of twenty pieces, dividing as five chalks per special color category. The colors might vary depending on the type of package that you have purchased. But you will get five chalks of similar colors and four total sets in that order. The transparency of the cloth can make the choice of the chalk extremely easy and having more than a few will make sure that you never run out of your favorite color. The lines imprinted with this chalk can be easily removed with the help of a damp cloth and it also leaves no marks on the hands whatsoever.

  • A set of four with five chalk pieces for each set
  • Transparent box for easier choosing of the color
  • Might feel overwhelming to someone who only needs a single or two chalks to work with


4.  Dritz 642-66 Tailors Chalk

Dritz 642-66 Tailors Chalk

If you want something that is a bit more permanent and doesn’t leave behind an unclean-able trace then this is the perfect chalk for you. It comes with an easy to roll feature which makes the sailing of the lines and markings on the fabric from where it is intended to be cut out a little simpler and easier.

The marks made by the chalk are quite clear and extra fine, one could easily work with the markings made by the chalk even if they have to get back on the lines more than one time. The lines crafted by this chalk are destined to stay a little longer than intended which is a great thing if you are a clothing designer as you have to get back to the previous point a couple of times before you have got it right.

Some users complain that the line made by the chalk is quite light, to begin with, but personally testing the chalk you will come to realize that the chalk works absolutely great but often requires a small pressure on it to produce brighter lines. It is perfect for every type of fabric and also doesn’t leave any stain on your hands as well.

  • Stain protected application
  • Ensure a clean and excellent mark
  • Simple to remove
  • Extremely affordable to begin with
  • The lines produced are somewhat light on most fabrics


5.  Carmel Super-Glide Tailors Chalk

Carmel Super-Glide Tailors Chalk

This is however a more smooth and wanted delight for the industrial people as the need to draw cuts and lines on the fabrics in the industry is a little more than the home use that is why the solution they are going to use needs to be bigger too. Thus the Carmel super glide comes into play, it is a large box consisting of almost 48 pieces of the yellow-colored chalks. All the chalks are in a perfect rectangle shape which makes it even easier to use them. No pressure or hard scaling is required to have a clear imprint of the chalk marks on the fabric because it is made of an extreme wax-coated element that is simply vibrant and classic after the application.

Rest assured all the pieces share the same symmetry which is being extremely lightweight in your hands, convenient to work with, and offering a great overall grip too. But the only downside with this chalk is that it only comes in yellow color.

  • Large box consisting of forty-eight chalks
  • Clear and vibrant lines over the fabrics
  • It is only offered in yellow color


How to Remove Tailor’s Chalk from Fabric?

From time to time a sewing enthusiast has to work with the chalks and apply different lines or marks onto the fabric which they can easily cut out. But when the deed is done the chalk marks should also be removed. There are as such no special methods to do so but it is hugely recommended that you first consult with the care guide of the fabric from which you are going to remove those chalk marks.

Consulting that handbook will provide you with dedicated ways that you can use for removing the chalk marks. But as a reference point, different ways can also be used for removing the chalk marks. This might include removing chalk marks with a toothbrush, simply rub the surface hard with a toothbrush and it would do wonders for you. Vinegar mixture in water can also be used in order to pull off this job or if you want to be professional handling the task then it is recommended that you go with the fabric eraser.

All of these methods work pretty well but then again in the end it all depends on your fabric, its quality, and the type of chalk marker used, to begin with. But rest assured using the above methods you will be able to safely remove these chalk marks and get on with your project.

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