Best Books on Manipulation 2020 – Best Sellers

Are you being consistently manipulated by your boss, friends or relatives?

Don’t get stressed out. In this guide today we will talk about common and uncommon tactics people can use to manipulate you.

We are going to talk about the best manipulation books you can buy right now. So what are you waiting for. Lets go.

Before we start, we would like to explain what actually is Manipulation.

It is a type of social impact which has the capability to change other person views and behavior about things or people. Usually, it is done by using tricky, illusive and misleading techniques.

However, it is not always negative. People can use social influence to persuade their fellows and friends for their betterment and help them change their unproductive habits and behaviors.

Manipulation is considered harmless as long as it respects other peoples right to accept or reject the proposal of manipulator. In order to learn how to manipulate people, you need to read books on manipulation.

Some people consider it immoral to read manipulation books or to learn how to manipulate people. Reading book does not necessarily mean that you will start influencing people negatively. It is one way to secure yourself from being victim of manipulators.

In order to master this art, you need to read books on manipulation. Once you will know how manipulation is done, you will never fall for it.

So, it is important of every one to read books of manipulation for proper development of your personality.

Best Books on Manipulation

Here is the list of best manipulation books. These books will teach you the best ways to manipulate or influence people along with the methods to save yourself from manipulators.


The-48-Laws-of-PowerThe 48 Laws of Power Check Price
The-Art-of-SeductionThe Art of Seduction Check Price
Influence-books-for-ManipulationThe Psychology of Persuasion Check Price
Manipulation-by-BenedictManipulation by Benedict Check Price
In-Sheep’s-Clothing-books-for-manipulationIn Sheep’s Clothing Check Price

1.  The 48 Laws of Power

The 48 Laws of Power

If anyone is willing to acquire the power to rule other people’s minds in this era, The 48 Laws of power is perfect choice for him. Robert Greene has presented the idea of power and manipulation in quite descriptive and professional way. He focused on the history to find out that how ancient people lost or gained power.

Its laws like never trust your buddies, play to people’s fantasies, keep people dependent on you, take credit of other works and keep your hands clean show some of the bitter realities of this world. It’s something that we experience everyday around us. With all these laws in your mind, you can easily avoid the manipulator to take charge of your brain.

Other than these manipulative laws, the author has shared some useful advice with the readers. These include never outshine your master, learn to use your enemies and the most important instead of wining through arguments, try to learn through actions. I do not want to share all the laws and advises as it will spoil the book for you.

  • Author: Robert Greene
  • Publication Date: 1998
  • Pages: 452


2.  The Art of Seduction

The Art of Seduction

Robert Greene used his sensational writing skills to portray the dark sides of human nature. This book formulates all the rule of Seduction. This book is considered as the outcome of one of the earlier researches on this subject.

In this book, he has mentioned nine different types of seductive personalities. A few of them are; the ideal lover, the star, the natural, the charismatic etc. The nine characters are capable of bring you limitless powers, if you develop them properly.

After reading this book, you will be able to develop your power of attraction. This book shows how to become self sufficient by following the rules of seduction. Seduction requires you to rebuild yourself. So, the author has asked the reader to start developing any of the nine mentioned personalities. This will help you become the master of seduction.

  • Author: Robert Greene
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 468


3.  Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

The writer of this book, Robert B. Cialdini, was tired of always falling in the trap of marketers and buying things that he really did not need. So, he started to observe and find out that the science behind this influence and persuasion. In addition to this, he also did research about the reasons why people say “Yes” and accept different things in various situations. All his researched was backed by solid evidence and three-year long study program. He presented all his findings in this book.

The major focus of book is on how sales person or marketers persuade to buy products. According to Author, its not us who are picking up different products from the shelves of superstore. It’s the manipulation and influence of the sales person who compels us to do. So, this book can be a good read for Marketers or Entrepreneurs who have to persuade a large number of audiences. Following are the principles of influence which are discussed in this book.

Principles of Influence:

According to Robert B. Cialdini, there are just six main factors behind a successful persuasion or influence;

  • Reciprocity: People are more willing to return favors. If someone gives you a gift, there is a high chance that you will give him a gift too. Most of the companies apply reciprocity by giving a free product with a high price product.
  • Commitment: People are more likely to stick to their commitments. If people get an image about you that you are environment friendly person, then you will have to donate for environment even against your own will.
  • Social Proof: People tend to recommend things that are used by large number of people. In short, they try to do things which other people are doing. This is also regarded as social conformity. There willing are bound by the social circles around them.
  • Liking: It is very hard for people to say “No” to whom they like. Most of the people are easily influenced by the persons they like. Its just because they do not want to break their heart and end up getting persuaded.
  • Authority: People prefer to only consider the opinions of those who have certain authority and vast knowledge of the subject. Therefore, they can easily be tempted by people with authority.
  • Scarcity: People are naturally attracted to things that are limited. Many businesses create shortage of products to increase the demand. In addition to this, research has shown that the limited versions of products usually have more sales in less time.

These principles are explained with proper examples for better understanding of the readers.

  • Author: Robert B. Cialdini
  • Publication Date: 26 December 2006
  • Pages: 336


4.  Manipulation by Benedict

Manipulation by Benedict

The book, Manipulation: Techniques in Dark Psychology, Influencing People with Persuasion, NLP and Mind Control, can make you achieve your life goals by just controlling minds.

With simple techniques like behavioral modification, feedback, tracking and following a feeling, you will be able to control other people’s minds.

The author has explained both; bad and good ways for manipulation. The positive influence includes the permanent elimination of negative thought from your mind and putting all your energies toward a better goal.

However, the negative influence includes taking control of other people mind to use them for your own success. In short negative manipulation can be explained as; using people as steps to climb ladder of success.

  • Author: Edward Benedict
  • Publication Date: February 2019
  • Pages: 50


5.  In Sheep’s Clothing

In Sheep’s Clothing

The complete name with tagline is; In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People. As the name suggests, this book mainly teaches the psychology behind the manipulative people along with solutions to deal with such people efficiently. The author has effectively exposed the major tactics used by manipulators.

The author, George Simon, considers manipulators as worst part of society. As they are unable to view things beyond their self-interest. They consider the norms and rules of society as a threat to their self-obsession. The people tend to seek benefits from things even if they can hurt another person.

This book presents many signals to detect a manipulator. A few of them are; playing victim, dodging the actual issue, making unnecessary excuses and shaming etc. You can read all these signs with well researched explanation in this book.

  • Author: George Simon
  • Publication Date: 1 April 2010
  • Pages: 176


6.  Dark Psychology

Dark Psychology

In this world, you are surrounded by manipulators and you do not even know them. They always keep on exploiting your weaknesses to get their purpose. The worst part is that you are unaware of all this happening with you.

By reading this book, you can save yourself from becoming the victim of their tactics. With the important rule and principles of this book in your mind, your sixth sense will always warn you if someone is using these tactics against you. So, you can easily avoid becoming victim.

The things that you are going to learn from this book include; the use of dark psychology to manipulate or influence people, the affect of manipulation of unaware people, the jobs where most of people get manipulated, the emotional influence used by family or friends to manipulate you, different case studies about dark psychology and much more.

  • Author: Adam Brown
  • Publication Date: 8 August 2018
  • Pages: 22


7.  No Logo


This Book, No Logo, is a little similar to the book Influence (The one discussed on top of this list). This book is a criticism on the marketing culture of this modern world. Big brands and corporation are only interested in making more and more profit through their manipulative advertisements. Their self interest is causing insecurities among the youth.

Moreover, the author demonstrates that how people can lose the right of speech if these commercials and advertisements get louder each day. With logos of brands everywhere they compel us to purchase unwanted goods.

Initially, brands were there to sell branded products. But now their motives have changed drastically. Brands are now more concerned to sell branded lifestyle to rich people of the society. This book is less about manipulation and more about marketing people. That’s why it is at the bottom of this list.

However, this book is still very useful as we have to purchase things on daily basis and the by knowing the tactics of marketers. So, we will be able to buy things that we need. And not the things that manipulators want us to buy.

  • Author: Naomi Klein
  • Publication Date: December 1999
  • Pages: 490


Final Thoughts on Manipulation Books:

Now you have gone through the list of best available books on manipulation in the market. It’s time for you to choose which one will be the best fit for you. However, if you are confused between the two books, do not hesitate to buy both of them. You won’t regret your decision later.

But if you are stuck between the argument whether it is moral to learn manipulation or not. Here is the last line for you. In my opinion, no one should have access to learn how to manipulate others which are not possible at all. So, everyone should learn to avoid being a victim of manipulators out there.