Best Books on Manipulation 2020 – Best Sellers


Are you being consistently manipulated by your boss, friends or relatives? Don’t get stressed out. In this guide today we will talk about common and uncommon tactics people can use to manipulate you. We are going to talk about the best manipulation books you can buy right now. So what are you waiting for. Lets … Read more

Best Books on Game Theory Review [2020]

1.  The Art of Strategy The Art of Strategy: A Game Theorist’s Guide to Success in Business and Life, is a comprehensive explanation of how game theory and strategies can help us in our daily life. These strategies are applicable in every type of business situation to sort out complex problems. This book not only … Read more

Best Organic Chemistry Textbooks 2020


Most of the students consider Organic Chemistry very different and boring. Because they have to remember a large number of compounds and chemical reactions. No doubt the subject require a lot of effort to grasp the concepts firmly, still you can learn it in a more efficient way. A lot of people worked on this … Read more

Best Books on Codependency – Best Seller


Codependency is a certain condition which leads one person to completely rely on other for fulfilling all mental and emotional needs. Sometimes it is a believe which makes a person believe that he has to sacrifice everything for other person. Codependency has become a great threat for people as a large number of people are … Read more

Best Calculus Textbooks of All Time


Calculus is an important branch of mathematics. It uses rate of change to predict the behavior or result of different processes. Calculus has wide applications in engineering, statistics and medicine and is considered a difficult subject. To understand the concepts clearly, you need to have proper guidance. There are a large number of Calculus Textbooks … Read more

7 Best Medical Terminology Books in 2021


Medical Terms can be very difficult for beginners and even for professionals. As, there are a large number of difficult medical terminologies. In this case, cramming won’t help you memorize anything. So, you need to have a proper understanding of the root words of these terms. Once you understand how these terms are derived, with … Read more

Best Anatomy Books for Students and Professionals


One of the first courses you must take in a medical school should be Human Anatomy. Anatomy is the study of dissection and separation of parts of humans, animals and other living organisms. It is the simplest course which is the basic of all the medical, nursing, medicine, optometry or any other professional medical course. … Read more

Best John Grisham Books of All Time – Best Seller


If you are a book lover and love reading thriller novels than John Grisham is the best writer for you. John Grisham, an American novelist, is considered one of the best writers of this generation. He gained attention and interest of millions of readers worldwide by his engaging writing skills. He is famous for his … Read more