Best High off Ground Beach Chairs Review 2020

Do you want to lay low from your hectic routine and instead enjoy a weekend with your friends or family at a beach? If yes then there are a few things that you first need to have in mind in order to start off with this adventure. That would have to be the right equipment that you need to simply slide off with you over to the beach. Having the best high beach chairs with you would be an absolute comfort. Anyhow who goes to the beach and not have their beach chair with them? No one actually. That is why the first and last thing that you need to think about getting your hands on are the tall beach chairs and the rest will come through.

Our Recommended List of Best High Beach Chairs

Following are some of the great beach chairs that you might be interested in. So without further ado let’s have a look;

1.  Rio High Beach Chair

Rio High Beach Chair

If you are particularly in love with the high beach chairs then you are going to love this one to its core. The RIO beach 17 is a classic beach chair that allows the user to sit about 17 inches high off the ground, not only this but its height can even be customized according to your own requirements. The armrests can be molded into whatever specific position that you like and overall the chair can be folded into four different positions according to your need.

Simply laying back onto the chair will allow the whole frame to recline accordingly and set at a particular position that is comforting in connection with your back. The armrests do the same and these fold or extend accordingly. With these armrests, you also get a simple pocket where you can lay off your cell phone, place a cup or water bottle, or even open bottle caps with the help of an opener attached to the side. This is considered one of the best sunbathing chair. The overall weight of the chair is almost negligible and the strong aluminum build makes it even more enticing and cherishing, to begin with. It is also rust and rainproof chair, what more one could want from a beach chair?

  • Customized height from the ground up to 17 inches
  • The aluminum frame which is rust and rainproof
  • Insulated storage compartment offered along with the armrest
  • Can’t necessarily be folded for easier transportation


2.  Coleman Portable Camping / Beach Chair

Coleman Portable Camping / Beach Chair

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could simply use a single chair for camping and going to the beach? Do you have any such chair lying around? If no then you have come to the right place. The Coleman portable camping quad chair will allow you to just do that. It is a super reclining chair that allows you to relax and don’t worry about manually adjusting the angle and stuff. You can manually adjust the height of the chair with respect to the ground and have an overall better positioning, to begin with.

You can also find a built-in cooler with the chair that can store up to four cans at the same time and other utilities that will stay cool even under the warmth of the blazing sun. There are plenty of convenient features such as side pockets, mesh cup holders, and adjustable arm heights. It has a strong aluminum frame that can support heavyweight and still don’t shuffle from the ground.

  • Two in one functionality; can be used as a camping chair as well as beach chair
  • Built-in cooler which many other chairs don’t provide
  • Also includes a carry bag for easier transportation
  • The aluminum build is not too strong


3.  Rio Gear ASC615-1801-1 Tall Beach Chair

Rio Gear ASC615-1801-1 Tall Beach Chair

Want to have something colorful and mesmerizing to have with you to carry along on the beach? If so then this is the best chair that you can come around. There are plenty of features that are available with this chair but its looks are what gives it off. The style, the fabric, and the finish, it is truly stunning. You almost get a rainbow-like feel when around this chair. It features an extended seat height while sitting almost 15 inches above the ground.

The chair can almost recline to four different positions with a simple safe adjust technology without having the worry of getting your arms or fingers pinched in the action. The extra extended armrests provide a glamorous feel of laying down your arms and truly relaxing while having your neck freefalling to the back. You can also place some of your essentials onto the armrest because of a dedicated cup holder and other various slots allowing you to place cell phones and other important essentials. You can simply bend the chair due to its classically padded design and take it anywhere you want to.

  • Extra comforting and padded all the way through
  • Can recline in almost four different positions according to your comfort
  • Cup holder and other dedicated slots
  • A little pricy for the features it presents the user with


4.  GCI Outdoor Freestyle Folding Rocking Chair

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Folding Rocking Chair

Most of the people when trying to have fun on the beach misses out on that one great factor; not bringing their own beach chair. This is where the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker comes to the aid. The chair can easily fold making it an extraordinary thing for transportation and storage. There are all kinds of relaxing things that you can do with this chair. Even if you don’t want to take it to the beach or beach not being your go-to place, you can simply place it outside the porch and have a great time rocking on it.

The body is made of stainless steel which means that it can take on an immense amount of load or weight. Not only this the reclining positions this chair provides are simply amazing, you don’t have to manually adjust it, simply lay back and allow the chair to adjust according to your back or level of comfort. Smooth rocking on this chair can be made possible with the help of the extra immersive and supported rocking spring, the overall tension that the spring can bear is simply amazing. You will definitely love it.

  • Stainless steel body
  • Compartments for supporting cups and other elements
  • Smooth rocking with extra-strong spring
  • Can’t be manually heightened


5.  Big Jumbo 500 lbs High Beach Chair

Big Jumbo 500 lbs High Beach Chair

If you are someone who is simply tall and can’t seem to be comfortable in those tiny beach chairs then Big Jumbo 500 lbs. might intrigue your interest. It is a beach chair for the tall and features a polyester fabric that can dry fast for the user to be able to use the chair in harsh conditions. Anodized Aluminum with reinforced steel is used to make the frame of the chair which means that it can easily bear a strong man with overweight capacity.

Presents you with some high seal pouches to store the essentials and a cup holder among the armrest to be able to place your stuff when you need to relax and enjoy a quick glance of the beach or the ocean. The overall weight capacity for this big beach chair is about 500 lbs. which is more than enough.

  • Anodized aluminum with reinforced steel body
  • Cup holders and addition of the extra pouches with great seals
  • The chair can recline in four different positions
  • Only meant to be used for tall people or those who want an extra-strong build


6.  Picnic Time Oniva High Beach Chairs

Picnic Time Oniva High Beach Chairs

This is not your go-to beach chair but still can be used nonetheless. It is a foldable picnic chair with added comfort due to that extra padding that lies not only on the seat but to the back as well. It can be designated as a travel chair. The chair itself features a powder-coated steel frame that is durable, polyester canvas, and very breathable backing with a cup holder along with the armrest that is something to crave for.

This high beach chair offers a polyester sheet which means it can withstand rough use, harsh weather, and sparkling sunshine through and through. The chair is designed to take almost 400 lbs. of weight at a single time and if used properly can last extremely longer than intended.

  • Foldable and portable
  • Made up of the polyester sheet
  • Comes with a side pouch to store your essentials
  • Might be a little pricy for some users


Factors to Consider Before Buying High Beach Chairs

Following are few factors that will help you in better selection of high beach chairs;


This might not be the number one concern for many beach lovers but still is a very notable thing to consider before buying high beach chairs. After all the chair needs to be transported all the way to the beach, it must be foldable, easy to carry and convenient while loading up in the car or truck to be transported to the beach. Look for whether it is portable or not.

Materials used for construction

If you don’t want to buy high beach chairs again and again and again then it is a great factor to consider beforehand. Many of the high beach chairs come with extremely low quality whatsoever which typically means that these will be worn out pretty soon. That is why you need to buy the Aluminum induced or stainless steel frame for the beach chair.


Look for different styling options such as the color of the fabric, build of the chair as well as different features that it provides such as reclining positions, total weight that it can carry as well as the cup holders or other similar features coming along with the high beach chair.