How to Use a Handheld Sewing Machine

If you are thinking about buying a handled sewing machine then you must have to know how to properly use it. A handled sewing machine can help you with plenty of sewing especially if you are a person that is almost traveling frequently. This is a great machine to have that doesn’t demand the electricity or any kind of power connection in order to be operated, why? Because it can be operated with a battery.

So, next time on your trip abroad if you have to mend something or repair your clothes then this is the best thing to go for because it doesn’t take much of the space while traveling and offers easy portability.

Threading the Handheld machine

When you have taken the machine out of the box and has also put in the batteries in there then the next thing on your plate that remains is the threading of the machine. There are different types of handled machines that you will find on the market that is why the following instructions might not apply to your specific machine. But still, take a look as it might help you to thread the machine. But before we can begin with the steps to thread the machine, let’s have a clear eye view of the accessories needed to thread your handled machine;

Accessories Needed to Thread the Handled Machine

Well as it unravels all you need to begin with this endeavor is a bobbin that is not tangled and is of fine quality. Other than that you might require a fine set of glasses to assist you in the operation. A needle is also required to be splashed onto the machine if it isn’t already. In case if there is no needle on the machine then you might have to buy it separately and fix it onto the machine in order to continue with the threading of your handled sewing machine.

The Process of Threading the Handled Machine

First of all, you must have the accessories at hand in order, to begin with, the threading of your handled machine. When you have all the accessories only then you can begin with the rest of the procedure mentioned here;

  • Take the bobbin, spindle, and the spring. After that, you must connect them. The bobbin will go right on the spindle and then the spring at the end of the spindle. Some handled machines don’t come preloaded with a spring.
  • Put the complete setup into the spindle hole and then you will hear a fast lock-in or snap click/sound.
  • Take the end of the thread from the bobbin and simply put it through the hole that is above the spindle
  • After that, you must put the thread through the tension control knob
  • Then you must put the thread through the hole below the tension control knob
  • If you have got the needle threader then you can use it to thread the needle, but if not then you would have to do it by hand and make sure that the thread goes through the needle
  • Now after you have completed the process you can pull the excess thread through the needle and then you are ready to sew right away

But if you run into any problem then it is advised that you must go through the manual that comes with the handled sewing machine. If you can’t find the manual with the machine then it is advised that you visit the website of the sewing machine that you have bought and then try finding the manual online. If you are looking for similar small sewing machines, you can have a look at our recommended mini sewing machines.