7 Best Medical Terminology Books in 2021

Medical Terms can be very difficult for beginners and even for professionals. As, there are a large number of difficult medical terminologies. In this case, cramming won’t help you memorize anything. So, you need to have a proper understanding of the root words of these terms. Once you understand how these terms are derived, with a little practice you can be the master of this field. You can find a large number of medical terminology books claiming to teach you these terms. But only a few of them are reliable and trustworthy.

Best Medical Terminology Books

Keeping in view the basic factors for choosing the best medical terminology books, we have listed 7 most reliable and easy sources to learn medical terminologies.

Medical-Terminology-by-David-AndersonMedical Terminology by David Anderson
Mosby’s-Medical-DictionaryMosby’s Medical Dictionary
Medical-Terminology-A-Living-LanguageMedical Terminology: A Living Language
Quick-Medical-Terminology-A-Self-Teaching-GuideQuick Medical Terminology: A Self-Teaching Guide
Medical-Terminology-for-Health-ProfessionsMedical Terminology for Health Professions

1. Medical Terminology by David Anderson

1. Medical Terminology by David Anderson

The full name of book is Medical Terminology: The Best and Most Effective Way to Memorize, Pronounce and Understand Medical Terms. As the name suggests, this book is the best available resource to easily memorize the difficult medical terms.

It can be a great book for beginners because its primary focus is to avoid medical students from cramming. And make them understand these terms conceptually by providing a detail about the suffix, prefix and root word of that specific term.

This book shares quite simple tactics and steps to memorize these terms. Moreover, it makes the reader capable enough to pronouns these terms correctly. So, in professional life, the readers do not have to feel embarrassed on wrong pronunciation of important terms.

The best part of the book is that there is a short quiz and practice exercise at the end of each chapter. This helps the reader to firmly memorize the recently learned terms by practicing them. This made it the best seller book on amazon.

With a total of 182 pages, this book is not much lengthy. In case you have limited time, you can still avail the opportunity to learn new medical terms through the easy strategies mentioned in the book.

  • Author: David Anderson
  • Publication Date: November 2016
  • Pages: 182


2. Mosby’s Medical Dictionary

2. Mosby’s Medical Dictionary

This book, Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, has the best customer reviews as it covers almost all medical related terms. So, it can be helpful for both; the beginners and the experts.

This dictionary is composed of 56000 medical definition. The definitions are in simple words, even the people with low knowledge of English language can understand them easily. The index at the start of dictionary can help you locate the exact word you are searching for.

Moreover, there are over 2500 colored illustrations and images related to the definitions that act as supporting references. This helps reader to understand the terms in a much better way.

Mosby’s Medical Dictionary is also available in used form. So, if you do not want to purchase the new book, you can easily get a used one from amazon in lesser price.

The only disadvantage of this dictionary is its length. It has over 2000 pages in total. Which makes it really hard for anyone to go through each and every definition. So, in order to consume your time efficiently, you must go through the definitions of the terms you need.

  • Publisher: Mosby
  • Publication Date: 4 December 2008
  • Pages: 2056


3. Medical Terminology: A Living Language

3. Medical Terminology: A Living Language

The Book, Medical Terminology: A Living Language, is mainly popular among the medical students due to it’s step by step guidance. The book is well-organized and well-structured so that students can have firm grip on anatomy and physiology of human body.

The book consists of 14 chapters in which the terms related to diagnoses, treatment and pharmacology are covered. Every chapter ends with proper exercise of terms which can help you to test your abilities of memorizing. Or simply it can help you with the revision of whole chapter in less time.

The difficult terms are broken into smaller parts to make it simple for the beginners. Each term is described in details with proper images for better understanding. The author tends to make readers learn the terms by real world context instead of cramming. So, if you hate cramming and love to learn things by understanding them, then this is the perfect book for you.

The best part is that you can have access to “My Medical Terminology Lab” for more resources and better exercises for practice. However, to get this access you need to pay a little more fee.

  • Author: Suzanne S. Frucht, Bonnie F. Fremgen
  • Publication Date: January 2018
  • Pages: 640


4. Quick Medical Terminology: A Self-Teaching Guide

4. Quick Medical Terminology: A Self-Teaching Guide

For past few years, a lot of professional and students have been relying on Quick Medical Terminology: A Self-Teaching Guide to improve their vocabulary. It is considered the modern book on medical terminology. As its latest version comes with more than 250 new terms.

Similar to other medical terminology books, this book also includes a short quiz at the end of each chapter. As the name suggest, this book designed in such a way to make you teach yourself without any external guidance. And hence, you will gradually be the master of those terms.

This book provides learners with the logic behind each terminology by using unique word building system which include Latin and Greek root words. This can help you understand the structure and meaning of each word easily.

Most of the people recommend this book before the start of classes to get a head start. With the vast knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes, you will always be better than your class fellows

  • Author: Shirley Soltesz Steiner, Natalie Pate Capps
  • Publication Date: 9 August 2011
  • Pages: 336


5. Medical Terminology for Health Professions

5. Medical Terminology for Health Professions

Medical Terminology for health professions is listed among the books with most positive rating and students’ feedback. Similar to the Quick Medical Terminology book, this book has simplified the process of learning by indicating and explaining suffix, prefix and root words of difficult terms.

The book is composed of 15 well organized chapters. Each chapter begins with the structure and function of certain body systems followed by the medical terminologies related to it. Around 60 primary terms and 15 essential medical terms are provided in every chapter. This is not a big number so you won’t feel extra burden while learning these terms.

This book provides practice exercise at the end of each chapter, challenging the learning power of learners. However, the only issue is that there is no answer key of the exercises. This makes it a bit time consuming for students to get the right answer for difficult questions.

  • Author: Ann Ehrlich, Carol L. Schroeder, Laura Ehrlich, Katrina A. Schroeder
  • Publication Date: January 2016
  • Pages: 688


6. Medical Terminology Made Easy

6. Medical Terminology Made Easy

Medical Terminology Made Easy: Breakdown the Language of Medicine and Quickly Build your Vocabulary is specifically composed for the people who have non-medical background. Due to the nature of objective behind this book, it is kept very easy and basic. So, if you are a medical professional than you might look for some other book mentioned in this list.

The medical terms are illustrated by clear diagrams for better understanding. The best thing about this book is that it consists of only 132 pages. So, you can gain all the skills from this book in much lesser time. However, some people find it disappointing as the books does not covers complete basics. Which leaves gaps in learning process.

  • Author: Eva Regan
  • Publication Date: April 2016
  • Pages: 132


7. Medical Terminology for Dummies

7. Medical Terminology for Dummies

Medical Terminology for Dummies has satisfied a large medical audience with descriptive knowledge about medical terms. The student reviews clearly show that this book has taught them more than their college. So, purchasing this book and learning from it will be worth your time and money.

This book will help you master the origin of each term along with its proper pronunciation. This can really benefit you in professional life while communicating with doctors or other professionals. Moreover, this book guides you how medical terms change from hospitals to laboratories and pharmacies.

The only downside of this book is that there is no practice exercise. So, you will not be able to test your skills through the book. However, you can find a large number of websites which provide short quizzes related to medical terms.

  • Author: Beverly Henderson, Jennifer Dorsey
  • Publication Date: December 2008
  • Pages: 384



After you have gone through the list, you know the best part and downside of each book listed here. So, you can easily decide which book can be a good fit for you. Do not hesitate to let us know the your favorite medical terminology book in the comment section.