Needlepoint Vs Cross Stitch Vs Embroidery. What is the Difference?

Too many people have already enrolled themselves in crafts such as sewing and embroidery related practices. This keen involvement with the crafts involves a trending question emerging on the horizons which are the main difference between different classes of sewing such as needlepoint, what is cross-stitch, and why embroidery has its benefits for décor and designing the fabrics. If you are also interested in finding more about these then you have come to the right place. If you want to find more about these three then go through the following details right away;




Needlepoint refers to the type of embroidery on which a selected area of the fabric is covered using square by square design. Multiple kinds of stitches are involved in this and will include beading. The mainly thin fabric is involved when performing needlepoint but it can also be done with woven fabrics. Usually, a printed section needs to be drawn over the fabric for the needlepoint to work which can be done with the help of the pencils but in many cases printed patterns are already printed on it.

Needlepoint gives a rustic feel to the fabrics on which woven designs are put with the help of hands. Embroidery within the needlepoint can be used on home-oriented items such as pillows, purses, rugs as well as other fabric items.


Cross stitch

Cross stitch

Cross stitch is a kind of hand embroidery but the only favorite stitch is the x-shaped stitch which is known as the cross-stitch. When used in a continuous and algorithmic pattern and using the correct color of the thread a fashionable tile oriented image will be formed on the fabric. It only uses one type of stitch but backstitches can also be used to create a full type of image.

The backside of the pattern put on the fabric using cross stitch can be hidden so it doesn’t look arbitrary or unappetizing. That is why it is so adaptable and used frequently by the professionals working on different embroidery related projects.




Embroidery is a general term and it takes into account various types of techniques such as cross-stitch, needlepoint, and domains of thread and needle along with the fabrics on which it is used. Embroidery is used as a way of putting the best of the designs and décor on fabrics such as manipulating the buyers into believing that what they are buying is truly splendid. Following are the two different types of embroidery as follows;

  • Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery is used by the textiles to produce the designs on fabrics that have their embroidery segmentation. This can include the clothes used on dining tables, bed sheets, clothes used by kids, adults, or women. Machine embroidery can be done for personal use as well as for producing clothes on a massive scale. Using the machines will help you to achieve the best of goals such as meeting with your desired output.

  • Hand embroidery

Hand embroidery allows you to put designs on the fabrics using different materials such as pearls, beads, or any other element of surprise with the help of hands. Needlepoint and cross-stitch fall under this same category. Unlike machine embroidery, hand embroidery allows for putting out different designs on the fabric regarding different designs and the use of colorful threads too. Hand embroidery allows the buyers to have a plethora of different styles placed on the fabric and choose from a variety of options.


Needlepoint Vs Cross Stitch Vs Embroidery

       Differences       Embroidery       Cross Stitch       Needlepoint
Definition Embroidery refers to putting out designs on a piece of fabric, it can be done by hands or with the help of a machine. A special type of stitching done in regards to embroidery where x-types of stitches are placed on the fabric to create a pattern or full image. A special type of embroidery in which a specific type of area on the fabric is covered in a square to square fashion.
Fabrics Used Can be done on thin and woven fabrics Aida cloth which is open and evenly weave fabric used for cross stitch embroidery Stiff and heavy canvas is used
Types of the stitches Cross stitch is more famous regarding embroidery Cross stitch and backstitches are used Multiple types of stitches are used



These are the main differences between embroidery, cross-stitch, and needlepoint. But given the afterglow of the use, not all stitching professionals out there use all three of them consistently. Embroidery is a vast discipline that involves both cross stitch and needlepoint but not all of them might be used in the same project. Both cross stitch and needlepoint might be used at different times and even at the same time but it mainly depends on the type of project you are working on and what are your creative intentions about the design that you want to put onto the fabric.

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