Best Quilting Stitches: What You Need to Know

Quilting is all about the passion of getting the stitches right and customizing them as per the direction or variety of the fabric in question. But there comes a time when we don’t really know what stitch to go with and what to put on from time to time at our current quilting project. Lucky for you, this post will duly help you to get on with this hurdle and finally confine it with a particular stitch type.

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Quilting Stitches Types

Following are the type of quilting stitches that you must study in order to get around your practical type of stitch that you can incorporate within your quilting projects;

1.  Stippling

Stippling Quilting Stitch

This right here is the most common type of quilting stitch that you can get your hands on out there. This stitch is known to be a simple meandering stitch that follows such an intricate pattern that it never crosses itself. It also offers you plenty of flexibility and space for being creative. This is the first type of quilting stitch that quilters learn when starting their journey.

Stippling stitches are basically used to cover a vast area on the fabric and also quickly getting around the task while providing a great variety of designs that your end product might look like. But if needed then you can even go for condensed quilting for smaller stitches.


2.  Echo Quilting Stitches

Echo quilting

This type of stitch can virtually be used in any type of quilt and the main use is to outline shape on the quilt. It is a great stitch if your only purpose is to outline the fabric for the sake of performing embroidery or jumping in with a different color combination. Also, you can use this echoing stitch for free motion as a beginner if you are simply learning the aesthetics of quilting.


3.  Feathers

Feathers Quilt

These are the most popular free motions stitches out there. The main criteria of this stitch are that these can fit into a variety of customized spaces. These can be used to fit in relatively large spaces or even into smaller more confined spaces, they can also shrink in or simply stretch out. The running style of this type of stitch can either be free motion or you can incorporate a small embellishment such as a bead or two to make your quilt simply astonishing.


4.  Pebbles


Peddles or circles are also known as a beautiful quilting stitch due to their versatility and customization that the user can simply enjoy. Now you can have your pebbles enlarged or shrunk to a proportionate size depending on the area of your quilt and the other preferences at times.

This is also a very relaxing quilt stitch to begin with, why? Because as soon as you are finished with one circle you will effectively be pouring onto the next one while your hands and your sense of creativity guiding you through.


5.  Meandering Quilting stitches

Meandering stitch

If your purpose is to develop a landscape over your current quilting endeavor then this particular stitch is the best one there is. This extremely calm and poetic back and forth pattern of the stitch in curved motions will provide you with a calming backdrop available for your quilt.

This is the kind of stitch that is perfect for the free motion quilt and also provides the users with a sense of astonishment and relief while their eyes gazing through the patterns this beautiful stitch has incorporated into the fabric.



So, these were the types of quilting stitches that you must be familiar with in order to start the journey yourself. You can either stick with one particular type of stitch or continue to use them in different varieties depending on the current requirements of your project.