Best Overlockers Review – Beginner Buyer’s Guide


An Overlocker is a machine which places stitches on the edge of one or more layers fabric for hemming. Either sewing is your hobby or profession, you are going to need best overlockers for professional finishing of cloths. There are a lot of Overlockers brands and models in UK market that claim to be perfect. … Read more

Brother LS14 Sewing Machine Review – Ultimate Buyers Guide


Brother is one of the most used sewing machine brand. From sewing machine and quilters to embroidery machine and over lockers, Brother always comes on the top of list with a perfect machine. These machines always surprise the customers with their amazing durability, stunning features and reasonable price. Brother LS14 is one of the most … Read more

Best Tips for Sewing Leather At Home


Sewing Leather is considered a difficult task, especially for newbies. You might have wondered that you can not sew leather jackets or skirts as it sounds difficult. However, in reality sewing leather is quite simpler and easy task if you keep a few tips in your mind. The only thing is you should be concerned … Read more

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Best Leather Sewing Machine – Buyers Guide


Custom made leather attire are some of the most durable and attractive fashion products out there. The durability of the Leather comes from its thick and sturdy material. After all, It’s the strength of a leather product, which makes it an iconic fashion choice for so many people. However, leather is not cotton. Thus, standard … Read more